What if You Don’t Want a White Wedding?

Wedding dresses in different colours

Maybe you don’t like the tradition or maybe you want do to something different. Maybe white just isn’t your colour, and shades of off white are just as awful for you? Many brides today are opting for wedding dresses in different colours for different reasons. Some want a completely non-traditional look, while others love everything about traditional wedding dresses except the colour. If you are in the second camp, you can choose a dress in whatever colour you desire — it’s your day after all! — and still create a traditional look with the details.

· The wedding dress itself can still look traditional in every way but the colour. Include a train or a veil to ensure it looks suitably bridal, and of course a longer dress looks more traditionally bridal than a tea length one.

· Pearl bridal jewellery is a classic, traditional choice. Yes, you can find very non-traditional pearl necklaces, but if you want to create a very traditional look with a non-traditional dress colour, white pearl wedding jewellery is a beautiful way to do it.

· Your flowers will also make a statement. If your dress is not white, white roses with smaller flowers adding colour to compliment or match your dress are a very romantic and traditional touch.

· Of course, your entire wedding party is part of the look of your wedding. They’ll be standing with you and appear in your wedding photos. Freshwater pearl jewellery for your bridesmaids, something more simple than what you will be wearing yourself, also compliments the entire look.

And finally, your wedding doesn’t have to be traditional, of course! Black gothic wedding dress is an alternative trend being seen more and more these days — and what goes better with a black wedding dress than black pearl jewellery? The Deborah Kerr Midnight by Jacqueline Shaw is a fantastic option.

Deborah Kerr Midnight
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