Ladies Handbags: Choosing The Right Style For Your Body Type

Did you know that the choice of a handbag can make a difference in your overall look. Yes, in the same way as this fashion accessory can accentuate and enhance your outfit, it can also make break your look. Truth be told, not every type, style and size of bag works good for women with different body type. For this reason, if you are about to buy new handbag, you need to get to know the basic rules for choosing ladies handbags online.

When you first embark on a buying journey, no matter if you are about to look for ladies handbags online or offline, you can easily get confused from the extensive offer of different types of types, sizes and styles of handbags. It’s then when you’ll probably ask: How I’m supposed to choose a handbag that will best match my body type and style at the same time? Follow our guide and you will discover.

When it comes to choosing a handbag according to the body shape, there’s one general rule: choose a handbag with shape opposite to your figure shape. This said, if your figure is tall and thin, add curves to your figure with a bag with round shape. On the other side, if you are short and voluptuous, a rectangular or long and sleek bag will do the trick.

  • Curvy

If you are plus-sized with curves, go for boxy bags not round. If you choose slouchy oversized bag, will make you look even bigger than you actually are. Furthermore what can add up to your size is a bag with too small or too big prints. For you, the simple boxy design and one-coloured design will be the best choice.

  • Slim

The best way to add curves to your slim figure is to complement your style with a slouchy, rounded hobo bag or soft-body satchel bag. If you don’t want your bag to make you slimmer than you are, stay away from the boxy-framed bags.

  • Petite

If you are short, what you need to know before you select ladies handbags online, is that you should avoid wide tote bags. The bag with such specifications will make you look even shorter. A type of bag that will elongate your torso visually is a vertically long bag with short to medium sized handles.

  • Pear Shaped

Women with pear shaped body should avoid bags that hit at their wide hips. If you find your wide hips as a problematic part of your body, look no further than bags that hang to the upper part of your body.

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