15 Best Online Tarot Reading Websites — Tarot Card Readers for 2023 Predictions

Lucy Benton
18 min readSep 15


Fortune telling has come a long way since the early days of picture card party tricks and entertainment purposes.

Today’s tarot readers offer accurate online readings so you can get much-needed answers without even leaving your home.

But as you know, not all tarot card reading sites are created equal.

While there are many out there that are happy to take your cash for some lopsided stories of questionable veracity, there are a number of genuine psychic readers that offer channels of inner wisdom and spiritual guidance.

Below, we’ll take a look at the best tarot reading sites with thousands of reviews, hundreds of psychics, 40+ years of experience, and good prices from $1 per minute.

Let’s get started.

Best Tarot Card Reading Sites of 2023 — Quick Answers

  1. Nebula — FREE app with 5,000+ reviews (10 mins for $1.99)
  2. Nebula App — Insightful LOVE tarot reading (70% discount)
  3. Zodi — Cheap tarot readings from $1/min

1. Nebula — FREE Tarot Card Reading App (10 minutes for $1.99)

Nebula is one of the largest psychic reading sites, with over 300 professionals under its umbrella. It has been around for 20 years and has garnered a strong reputation for its experienced tarot card readers.


  • Over 300 psychics to choose from
  • Cheap psychics from $1.99 per minute
  • Introductory offer: 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Great app with 5,000+ positive reviews
  • Handy matching tool


  • No video chat available

Nebula is the #1 option for cheap tarot readings, with prices as low as $1.99/min up to $9.99/min (instead of $20+ like competitors).

What’s more, like other online tarot card reading services, Nebula offers the first three minutes with a new psychic free to all its customers.

While three minutes is not a very long time to build up a rapport, it does offer the customer a little bit of insight into who they are reading with, which is a nice advantage.

Finding a Tarot Reader

To find a tarot reader, you can either use the handy filter tools to narrow down your search by availability, price, rating, skills, specialties, and more.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the psychic match tool, which is very accurate and matches you with a good few options of psychics in varying price ranges.

You should know they present their specialties a little differently than most sites, but you will find all different mediums available, including those that specialize in specific questions and future events.

But when it comes to their tarot readings, they have a comprehensive list of tarot deck readers from the Rider Waite deck to Tarot de Marseille. We had a unique Celtic cross-reading which was quite insightful.

Additional readings include spiritual readings, relationship readings, psychic readings, and life questions.

Best Features of Nebula Psychics

Tarot Readings via Phone & Live Chat

They only offer phone and live chat readings, which we feel is a little limiting but common among popular online tarot card reading services.

While video chat readings may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we do prefer to have the option available. That being said, their platform supports excellent phone readings, and the quality of the audio is pretty good.

FREE Blog & Articles

Like the online tarot card reading sites mentioned above, Nebula offers more than a mere psychic directory with many helpful articles, blogs, and information resources to assist in your journey to enlightenment.

Mobile App with 5,000+ Reviews

Their downloadable app has received 5,000+ positive reviews, and they offer a free daily horoscope on the app, which is a nice additional feature. The app is similar to their desktop version with good user-friendliness and design functions.

It’s pretty easy to schedule an online tarot reading session via the app. We were able to schedule a call without too much hassle.

Also, many of the gifted psychic readers we tested were able to take immediate live chat readings, which is handy if you need help right now.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

On the satisfaction guarantee side, while they offer refunds in the form of Nebula credits to be used with another psychic of your choice, you cannot receive a refund back into your payment method of choice.

While we believe a refund should be exactly that, a full refund, we don’t see this as a major drawback at all.

On the payments side, they offer debit and credit cards as well as PayPal, prepaid cards, and gift cards. We like that they offer a little more than the standard credit card options most online tarot card reading services offer.

Customer Support

The FAQ section of Nebula is very detailed and covers everything you need to know in a helpful and concise manner.

Should you still need to contact their customer support, you can do so via email. It would be helpful if they offered live chat support or a telephone option, but they did respond to our test email in a few hours and were very thorough.

Why Choose Nebula Psychics

When it comes to special deals, Nebula lets you have a 10-minute reading for $1.99.

This is a good way of having a more thorough session than just 3 minutes allow, for a price 80% cheaper than the typical $1/minute packages you’ll see below.

Nebula is more than just a large network of psychics and tarot readers online. They offer cheap prices, a user-friendly website, and a mobile app that deserves the accolades they have received over the years.

Additionally, they have 400,000+ customer reviews which is a sure sign that they are doing something right.

2. Nebula App — Best LOVE Tarot Reading Online

Nebula App is one of the best-known psychic medium sites with nearly 300 dedicated psychic love and relationship professionals. While this may be the most popular of the psychic services, it is by no means their only offering.

They also offer tarot readings, career forecasting, crystal and palm readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology readings, and even pet psychics.

Readings can either be via phone, live chat, or email. While it is not vital, it would be nice if they would consider offering video chat readings as well.

Additionally, the reliable online tarot reading service provides a simple, easy-to-navigate experience that helps you save time (and avoid headaches).



  • No video call option

One of the best features of Nebula App has to be the first 3 minutes of free reading that they offer on all first-time chats with their psychics. This gives you the opportunity to get to know their psychics without having to worry about being charged for the encounter.

Additionally, they allow you to search all their psychics according to price range, which can come in handy, especially as they offer a wide range of pricing options.

Psychics start at about $1.99 a minute but can go up to $30 for the more popular psychics with many years of experience and great customer reviews.

Finding a Tarot Reader

It’s easy to find a tarot reader on Nebula App. From the home page, simply navigate to “Tarot Reading” at the top of the page.

From there, you can choose from over 213 professional tarot card readers, many of which have 5-star ratings.

When it comes to tarot readings specifically, you will find specialists in Tarot de Marseille, which is a 52-card deck, as well as experts in the traditional 78-deck cards consisting of both minor arcana and major arcana cards.

Nebula App’s psychics come from all corners of the globe, which means there’s always someone available at all hours of the day.

They offer a vast selection of high-quality psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, and more that are thoroughly vetted to make sure they provide accurate readings.

So accurate, in fact, that some of their best psychics even have 10,000+ positive customer reviews.

Best Features on Nebula App

Mobile App for Tarot Card Readings On-The-Go

Do you often use your phone instead of your computer?

If so, Nebula App has a dedicated app that is easy to use and a pleasure to navigate. It is very responsive with no lag or freezing and a nice UI overall.

FREE Blog & Articles

They also offer a nice blog section that has a wide range of interesting articles, blogs, and information hubs.

From a how-to guide to leaving a toxic relationship to finding true happiness, you will find a plethora of literature to help guide you in your desired journey.

1000s Customer Reviews

It is impossible to miss the thousands (200,000+, actually) of excellent customer reviews on display on Nebula App.

Reviewers highlight the credibility and professionalism of the psychics as well as the accuracy of their online tarot readings as reasons for their positive reviews.

While we are certain that negative reviews exist, they seem to be few and far between.

In our own experience with Nebula App’s customer support, we were impressed with how quickly they responded to our request, and we liked the support team’s friendliness and professionalism.

Why We Recommend Nebula App

With 200,000+ reviews from happy customers and gifted psychics, Nebula App is a good starting point for accurate tarot readings.

Additionally, the 3 free minutes they offer make it quite easy to try a few tarot readers before making a decision. And when you do find a tarot reader you like, you’ll get a 70% discount on your first session.

Finally, if you are unsatisfied with your first psychic reading, you can get a full refund with no questions asked.

3. Zodi — Best Tarot Reading Online via VIDEO ($1/min Rates)

Zodi is one of the oldest and most established tarot card reading sites out there. With over 30 years under their belt, they have become a staple in the tarot reading industry.

They have around 300 psychics specializing in many different mediums, including traditional tarot card readings, angel card readings, energy work, dream interpretation, numerology readings, spiritual readings, lost object readings, and cartomancy.



  • Rates vary widely from $4.99 to $19.99

Like Nebula App, Zodi gives you 3 free minutes on your first psychic reading, giving you the opportunity to get to know them before committing financially.

But perhaps most interestingly…

They offer a welcome discount of $1/min where you can have an in-depth chat with your tarot reader for 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

Considering their normal prices range from $4.99 all the way up to $19.99, this introductory offer can help you save $100-$570 depending on the package and the psychic you choose.

Finding a Tarot Reader

Do you have a hard time finding the right psychic?

If so, you’ll probably like their psychic match tool. By answering a few questions, the tool will give you personal recommendations that suit your specific situation.

Speaking about tarot readers − they feature some of the most well-known psychics in the business as well as a few lesser-known names that are fast building up solid reputations for their professionalism and accuracy.

You will find many psychics experienced in tarot cards of all different variations, including the popular Waite tarot deck. Incidentally, the Rider Waite deck is also the most highly reviewed service on their platform.

Best Features on Zodi

In-person VIDEO Tarot Readings

Do you want a more “intimate” session?

If so, Zodi offers online tarot readings via video (on top of the traditional phone, live, chat, and email readings). This feels like an “in-person” tarot card reading session, only you don’t have to leave your house.

FREE Blog & Articles

Zodi has a comprehensive list of resources from articles, blogs, and podcasts. So it is less of a simple listing of psychic mediums and more of an encyclopedia of all things mystic.

Dedicated Mobile App

Zodi also has a dedicated mobile app that offers a good user experience. Everything is well organized, and the layout and design are pretty neat.

What we like most about the app is the simplicity of the look and feel as well as the pretty good user experience.

Customer-focused Refund Policy

They also have an excellent refund policy, and if you request a refund in the first 24 hours after any reading, they will guarantee a refund of up to 20 minutes.

On another note, they offer many payment options, such as debit and credit cards, PayPal, and even Amex gift cards.

This is a nice change from most sites that offer only credit card payment options.

Helpful FAQ Page & Customer Support

With a helpful FAQ page, Zodi walks you through many of their most pertinent questions. However, when it comes to their customer support per se, you should know that they are helpful, professional, and knowledgeable.

They offer customer support via live chat, telephone, and email, but for the best results, we recommend you contact them via live chat. We tested out their email support as well, and they took about 4 hours to reply, which is quite good.

Why We Recommend Zodi

Zodi offers more than one would expect from a traditional online tarot reading service and while they have become known for their accurate online tarot readings, they offer a full range of services.

With a handy mobile app, great $1/min packages, a time-saving psychic match tool, and a good refund policy, it’s easy to see how it’s become of the best tarot card reading sites online.

4. Oranum — Join FREE Tarot Readings (10,000 Coins)

Oranum offers something a little unique as you can have a free tarot reading (by live video chat) before you begin your paid-for readings. This is a good way to get to know a few psychics before deciding on which one you want to have a paid tarot card reading online with.

Oranum also has a pretty extensive list of services on offer: tarot card readings, palm readings, crystal readings, angel card readings, astrology readings, dream analysis, numerology, career insight, love and relationship readings, and more.


  • 20+ specialties available
  • Free live chat to choose a psychic
  • 10,000 free credits for new customers
  • See your tarot cards online via video


  • Limited refund policy

We like that they offer video readings over the phone, email, and live chat readings as we prefer the more intimate and authentic approach of video.

That being said, the quality of the video chat is a little shaky at times, but that may be down to a personal bandwidth issue rather than a tarot card reading site functionality failing.

Finding a Tarot Reader

It is easy enough to schedule a chat with the psychics, and while many of the psychics are available online at all hours of the day, given that they hail from different parts of the world, having the appointment booking function is helpful.

Oranum has an extensive list of divination reading options, but online tarot readings remain one of their fortes. Their accurate tarot readers are known for their professionalism, and the video feature helps you see the cards in real time.

Speaking about their online tarot card readers, there are weekly contests that showcase the most popular psychics of the week. This could be a good way to start if you’re not sure which tarot reader to choose.

Good to know: quite a few of the psychics speak other languages, so it is handy for those clients who are not strong English speakers.

Best Features

10,000 FREE Coins

Oranum operates on its own currency, with Oranum coins replacing dollar credits. Customers can purchase coins and use them to ask questions or get a tarot card reading from any psychic reader.

To get started, Oranum offers newcomers 10,000 FREE coins that you can spend however you want to.

Like Nebula, Oranum is known for being the most cost-effective online tarot reading site out there, with some psychics charging as low as 1,000 credits per minute.

Free Mobile App

Oranum has a dedicated downloadable app, and while it has decent functionality and a good layout and design, it is a little cluttered for our taste, but that doesn’t affect the overall user-friendliness of the app.

Live Chat Support

Oranum has an excellent customer support department over and above a rather comprehensive FAQ section. Customers have the option of live chat support, which is quick and easy, and Oranum’s team is quite knowledgeable and helpful.

Why we Recommend Oranum

Oranum may not have the bells and whistles of some other sites, but they offer a wide variety of psychic readings in many categories.

The psychic reading site is well organized and offers something a little different from the usual layout and design of most online tarot reading sites.

Additionally, they give 10,000 credits to newcomers for signing up and entering their credit card details (you won’t be charged).

With these credits, you can get a 100% free tarot reading online that will last 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the reader you choose.

5. AskNow — Most Accurate Tarot Card Readers (Master/Elite Psychics)

AskNow may be a little dated as far as layout and design are concerned, but that does not stop it from being a great tarot card reading website.

With over 15 years of experience, they offer tarot card reading services with strictly vetted professionals that have been helping people for more than 40 years.

They specialize in online tarot card readings, but that does not mean their services end there. They offer numerology, angel card readings, palm readings, psychic readings, and more.

What’s more, you have access to insightful articles and videos from real psychics, as well as a free daily horoscope for their readers.


  • $1/min up to 30 minutes for new customers
  • Professional tarot readers with 40+ years of experience
  • 5 free minutes with your first paid reading
  • Modern app that’s easy to use


  • Slightly dated website layout and design

AskNow offers an attractive introductory promotion where new clients get 5 minutes of free readings as a welcome bonus.

Pricing for the psychic readings is also reasonable and they start from a low $6/min up to $13 a minute. But, you can purchase online tarot card readings for as little as $20 for 20 minutes and $30 for 30 minutes.

Like any good tarot reading site, AskNow only offers credit cards as a payment option. It would be great to see them offer more options in the not-so-distant future.

Finding a Tarot Reader

Unfortunately, they do not offer any matching services, but their online tarot readers are easily browsed and searchable, and it is not hard to find what you are looking for on their platform.

It is very easy to schedule a call with their psychics, and there is always a decent selection of tarot readers available for immediate live chat if you need help urgently.

Online tarot readings are the most popular on the site, but you will find all manner of clairvoyants, astrology, past lives, dream analysis, career prospects, and more if you are looking for something a little more than just traditional tarot card readers.

Again, we feel the website needs a little updating, but overall, it is easy to use, with everything being nicely laid out and navigable.

Best Features on AskNow

Mobile App for Tarot Readings On-The-Go

The dedicated downloadable app is much better than the desktop website, and everything is easy to find with a high-quality display and overall performance. There are no lags or freezing of any kind.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

They have a good satisfaction guarantee. If you feel like your tarot reading session wasn’t up to par, you can contact them to get a refund or 10 minutes back in credits.

You can then use these credits to have a tarot reading online with another psychic.

Customer Reviews

AskNow has a great reputation when it comes to customer service, with thousands of five-star reviews for its friendly and professional team. You can contact customer support via email or telephone.

Why We Recommend AskNow

AskNow is a step back in time to a simpler way of life. If you want a no-frills tarot reading with experienced psychics with 40+ years of experience, this site is worth checking out.

They specialize mainly in phone psychic readings, but they also offer chat readings. Again, AskNow is not the most modern of psychic reading offerings, but sometimes a little venture back in time is not a bad thing.

The layout and design are easy to navigate, and you can get cheap online tarot readings for only $1/min with their discounted packages.

What is Tarot Reading?

Tarot reading is a form of cartomancy whereby practitioners or psychics use tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present, or future. At its most simplistic definition, tarot cards online tell the stories of the cycles of our lives.

How we Ranked the Best Online Tarot Reading Websites

Having a decent selection of high-quality psychics is the most important aspect of choosing a great tarot card reading site. But there are other things to consider.

Reputation Matters

To pick the best tarot reading websites, we checked customer reviews on independent websites such as Trustpilot, Reddit, and forums. Together with the number of years they’ve been in business, this helps us determine if they’re worth recommending for psychic readings or not.

Phone, Chat, and Video Options

Everyone has their preferences, which is why we included online tarot reading services that offer different ways to contact their tarot readers.

Some of our picks only offer phone and chat readings, but if you want video readings, you can check Zodi or Oranum.

Readings Beyond Tarot Cards

As good as tarot readers may be, they are not omniscient. Therefore, they specialize in a few categories. If you need love tarot readings, past life readings, or other spiritual readings, we’ve made sure that the websites above provide all this and more.

Affordable Prices are a Must

You’ve probably noticed that the online tarot card sites we’ve included offer cheap prices, as low as $1.99 per minute.

Not only that, they offer generous discounts for new customers, whether that’s 70% off (Nebula App) or 10 minutes for $1.99 on Nebula.

Screening Ensures Accuracy

We haven’t talked about this much, but we’ve picked the best tarot reading sites based on how they screen their psychics as well. The online tarot reading sites above make sure their psychics have years of experience and real gifts before allowing them to offer their psychic reading services on the platform.

Best Tarot Card Spreads for Accurate Readings

You might not know this, but there are many different spreads to give an online tarot card reading. Let’s look at the most popular ones.

One-Card Spread

If you want a quick online tarot card reading, the one-card spread is the right choice. While this spread doesn’t give as much detail as other spreads, it can still be powerful if you get it from an experienced psychic. This is typically what you should choose if you only have 3–5 minutes for a free psychic reading.

Three-Card Spread

This is the most popular tarot card spread. As the name suggests, the reader pulls three cards after they have been shuffled and halved. The first card represents the past, the second represents the present, and the last card represents the future.

Five-Card Spread

Building on the three-card spread, this tarot reading session can provide even more insights into what caused the problem and what potential solutions are.

The Celtic Cross

With 10 tarot cards, the Celtic Cross provides one of the most detailed tarot readings you could get. That said, it’s also more time-consuming, and you should take notes if you want to remember everything. This is the best tarot reading for complex issues.

FAQs about Professional Tarot Card Readers and Readings

How Accurate Are Tarot Card Readings?

Online tarot card readings can be very accurate but it depends on the psychic and their expertise as well as what questions you ask. To get accurate tarot card readings, we recommend asking open-ended questions like “when will I meet my soulmate” rather than “will I meet my soulmate one day?”.

How Can Tarot Readings Help Me?

Tarot card readings can help individuals gain insight into their daily lives to overcome obstacles that may seem unsurmountable. Additionally, tarot card readers can help you get direction and a deeper understanding of your life’s purpose.

Are Tarot Cards Different from Oracle Cards?

Yes, tarot cards are different from oracle cards.

Well, while both are used to get answers to specific questions, tarot cards have fixed meanings that can only be slightly interpreted.

On the other hand, oracle cards are more “loose” and will be interpreted differently based on what the reader sees about you.

Finally, for people considering astrology readings, this is actually a very different type of reading since they don’t always use cards. Astrology readings are instead based on the movements of planets to see events in your life.

What To Expect From A Tarot Card Reading?

A professional tarot card reader can offer you great insight into your past, present, and future, covering all aspects of your daily life. It is important to note that tarot is about wisdom and divine guidance more than predicting the future. The most important thing is to keep an open mind and ask pertinent questions.

How Do I Know If A Tarot Card Reader is Genuine?

To know if a tarot card reader is genuine, we advise checking user reviews. While a few negative reviews are common, look out for any red flags, like people saying the psychic reader tried to scam them.

How to Find Reliable Tarot Readers?

To find a good tarot card reader online, it is always best to find a reputable website and look at the customer reviews to find a tarot reader that suits your needs. It’s also a good idea to look for tarot readers that specialize in the field you’re looking for if you want more accurate tarot card readings.

What Questions Should I Ask During a Tarot Card Reading?

You should ask open-ended questions during a tarot card reading, as mentioned above. Additionally, since you are probably paying for this, we recommend sticking to the most important questions. In other words, the ones that have the biggest impact on your daily life.

As an example, prefer asking, “when will I meet a great partner” as opposed to “what is my ex doing?”.

What is a Good Tarot Deck To Start With?

A good tarot deck to start with is the Riter Waite deck. This is the most popular tarot card deck, and it has been used to help people for centuries.

Best Tarot Reading Websites — Conclusion

You should now have a better idea of where to get the best tarot card reading online.

As a quick reminder, we think Nebula Psychics is the best choice overall. They have over 300+ psychics, a good satisfaction guarantee, and thousands of reviews, and you’ll be able to get a decent 10-minute reading for only $1.99.

With the typical standard being 3-mins free or $1/min rates, that’s a great deal.

Our next recommendation is Nebula App. With over 3M customers worldwide and a 70% discount for newcomers, they’re the next best choice after Nebula.

That said, we’d like to remind you that online tarot readings are only as good as the questions you ask.

While experienced psychic readers try to be as detailed as possible, they still can’t force you to ask the right questions.

Therefore, it would be wise to take half an hour to think about (and write down) your questions beforehand.

Trust us, this will make a huge difference.