Free Psychic Reading Online: Top 5 Psychics Sites At Your Disposal

Lucy Benton
16 min readSep 15


Life always throws down lots of challenges that make us feel worried about our future. But, having a glimpse of the future gives us some relief. When no one can solve questions about our future, we finally turn to psychic guidance.

You may have queries about your career, love life, relationship, marriage, and several other things. You do not know what awaits your future. That is why you can rely on psychic reading to move forward confidently.

What do you envision when you think of psychic predictions?

It may be a dark-lit room where a veiled fortune teller is grabbing a crystal ball. This image makes us too cynical about psychics. Free your mind from this image, and think about the online psychic reading.

If you like to know about the impending troubles and opportunities in your life, you can start searching for the best psychic reading websites. Here, we have picked the best sites where you can encounter real psychics.

Top 5 sites for a psychic reading

  • Nebula — most intuitive psychic reading platform
  • Nebula App — most affordable psychic reading site
  • Zodi — professional psychics available 24/7

Nebula — The most intuitive psychic reading platform

Nebula is a reliable psychic reading website with more than 600 psychics. You can find both part-time and full-time psychics from different parts of the world. However, most of them are qualified and provide the best service. But, users below 18 years cannot access the site.

How does Nebula work?

Nebula has slightly different from other psychic reading platforms. It is easy to register on this site. However, during the registration process, you will be asked to provide more details. Along with personal details, you can enter your time zone, country, and phone number. There are some reasons behind this approach.

The platform is designed to provide psychic service based on your local time. Moreover, you can choose multiple criteria while selecting your psychics. For instance, you may apply different filters to find a direct reading style and Tarot reading.

Psychic specialties cover a range of topics, pet psychics, breakups, divorces, and objects. Moreover, you can learn about your daily horoscope free of cost. It predicts what good and bad things will happen on a particular day. There are also informative articles about psychic arts. You may read these blogs to learn about the tools chosen by different psychics.

As a new user, you will enjoy free service for the first 5 minutes. To continue availing of the service, you may pay with PayPal and debit/credit cards. You will pay for the per-minute psychic reading. The legit psychic reading site does not have any hidden charge.

Communication channels

You can interact with a psychic reader by making phone calls and video calls. There is also a live chat option. However, your account should have a minimum balance of $10 to make a call. When you start calling the reader, the deposited amount will automatically run out. There is no risk of getting overcharged.

Zodi — professional psychics available 24/7

With a strict psychic screening process, Zodi has employed the most reputable and reliable psychics. These professional psychics are available round the clock. You can find psychic reading services under different categories, including career forecasts, astrology, tarot readings, and dream analysis.

How does Zodi work?

The site is easily navigable, and you need to provide your email address for successful registration. The menu shows you categories and subcategories to let you search for the right psychics.

In your first-time chatting with psychics, when you are not satisfied with their services, you will get a refund of up to $50. The fact is that you will have 3 minutes free for the first time and 70% off on your first session. To receive the psychic reading service, you need to approach the reader.

The 24-hour availability of psychics is another advantage. You may also access the platform from the mobile app.

From rune casting and aura readings to crystal readings, there is a wide range of services available for you.

More than 300 psychics on this platform deal with love and relationship problems. Some psychics are LGBTQIA-friendly, and thus, gays, transgender persons, and lesbians can appoint psychics without hesitation.

You can also find skilled psychics to predict your career. Career forecasts are highly useful for getting established in life. Furthermore, Zodi has Tarot readers who offer guidance by playing cards. Spirit guides and angel card readings are also available for you.

More than 90 psychics in Zodi are available for dream analysis. When you are having trouble with some bizarre dreams, you can contact a professional for dream analysis.

Communication channels

Zodi psychics have their own profiles on the platforms. Based on their specialties and other details, you can hire the right professionals for your needs. You can contact them via email and live chat.

Nebula App — The most affordable psychic reading site

As a mobile-friendly psychic reading website, Nebula App lets you encounter accurate psychics and get their services. With 1,500+ spiritual mediums, this platform has attracted several customers. Moreover, psychics available on the site have a range of specialties. While some readers are active 24 hours, others have chosen their time slots to provide services.

How does Nebula App work?

Nebula App helps you with readings of different categories like Tarot readings, psychic readings, palm reading, horoscopes, astrology, dream analysis, and oracle guidance.

There are also several subcategories, including career advice, spiritual advising, pendulum reading, chakra cleansing, twin flame readings, energy healing, clairvoyance, and life coaching. You can ask readers to solve your issues about love life, careers, and relationships. You may also choose from love readings, palm readings, tarot card readings, and angel insights. There are also dream interpreters to let you know the significance of your dream.

You can check the availability of the psychic advisor by identifying the green box below their photo. The busy sign indicates that the psychic reader is currently busy. Similarly, the grey sign denotes that the reader is offline. A unique feature, known as Journeys, is available to mobile app users. But, one disadvantage is that the company has no free trial offer for its customers.

As there are several psychic readers, professionals you have hired automatically get included in your favorite list. You may also remove them by unclicking the heart sign.

We have compared the price rates of Nebula App and other similar sites. However, Nebula App is more affordable than its competitors.

Communication channel

Nebula App provides you with multiple ways to communicate with psychic readers. You can make a phone call, engage in a live chat, and start a video call. These options are available for both desktop and mobile users. Moreover, these channels are secure and maintain your privacy. However, video chat can make the service slightly costlier.

Keen — Best for psychic guidance on life decisions

Keen is one of the websites providing online psychic reading services. In some cases, when you need to make a major decision in your life, you can rely on Keen. With more than 34 million users and several clairvoyant psychics, Keen is known for its high customer satisfaction rate. Although there are paid services, customers will get first 3-minute free as a special offer for every session.

How does Keen work?

You can easily sign up with Keen by providing your email address and a password. But, you do not need to submit other personal details for registration. Moreover, the website has a team of trained and highly skilled psychic readers. You can check the profile of these readers and connect with any of them.

On average, the psychic reading time is about 10 minutes. Popular psychics respond fast and are highly insightful. So, you can overcome the challenging situations in your life by having psychic guidance.

Some special tools and features have made Keen different from other psychic reading websites. For instance, you can use the Get Matched tool to find the right psychic reader. There is also a Rating system to let you rate the service.

Finally, the daily horoscopes and useful articles have made Keen highly advantageous for users. You can also rely on video tips to take advantage of psychic readings online. There are also tips for availing the service within your budget.

Keen provides you with readings of different types, including Tarot cards, life-related questions, spiritual readings, financial outlook, astrology, dream interpretation, pet psychic, numerology, chakra cleansing, and aura. Readings are also available in the Spanish language.

Communication channel

Keen psychic readings are accessible to you by live chat, email, and phone call. The platform has its own messaging system. When the psychic reader is ready, you will receive SMS notifications. After receiving the chat link, you will get 2 minutes to enter the dashboard and start chatting with the reader.

AskNow — The best site for a multilingual psychic reading

AskNow has a team of gifted psychics and spiritual advisors with multiple abilities. Credit card users easily get access to the 5-minute free service. When the reading duration covers more than 5 minutes, you will be charged for it.

How does AskNow work?

It is easy to avail psychic reading services from AskNow. As you can ask free questions, you will be able to assess the service quality. The site also has a few bilingual psychics to serve customers of different languages.

At AskNow, several psychic readers are specialized in solving your love and relationship problems. You can easily find the right psychic expert for your issues.

Some psychic readers are available to deal with your financial complications. These trusted psychics provide you with straightforward and realistic advice. Those who have problems in careers can also hire psychic readers from AskNow. Other available services are Tarot readings, numerology, spiritual guides, and dream analysis. A couple of psychics also offer past-life readings.

You can download the app to get easy access to AskNow. You can schedule your readings, find lucky numbers, and check daily horoscopes free of cost.

The pricing scheme at AskNow is slightly different from what you can find in other similar websites. The price will be based on what category of psychics you have chosen. There are two categories, namely top-rated Advisors and Elite/Master Advisors. The last one is the costliest option for you.

The system automatically connects you with a friendly customer representative. She will advertise some features of the site and respond to your questions.

AskNow claims that it tests the psychic readers every 4 to 6 months to ensure good spiritual abilities.

Communication channel

You can choose between instant messaging and live chat systems. Phone readings are also available at the site. The best fact is that the website lets you choose your local time to find the availability of the reader.

How we ranked these psychic reading websites

Before making a curated list of the best psychic reading platforms, we have thoroughly reviewed them. We have focused on different types of readings, including astrology, tarot, numerology, and clairvoyance. Although we have shown our personal views, our reviewers have checked customers’ feedback.

We have a deep insight into paid and free psychic reading websites. Thus, you can read them and make your decision confidently.

We have selected some metrics to identify the most reliable site for psychic readings-

  • Price

We have noticed variations in prices on different psychic reading websites. Moreover, the type of reading you have chosen can also make a difference in price. We have looked for platforms that charge the most reasonable rates. We have also checked the availability of free consultations, secure payment technologies, and refund policies.

  • Quality and reliability of psychics

Our team of reviewers has tried to find sites that can provide you with the best online psychic reader. A trusted reader is always praised for the accuracy of his reading. That is why we have focused more on the qualifications and professionalism of psychics. A psychic should be able to connect to the universe. This talent enables the reader to help his clients in every way.

  • Ease of use

We know that without a user-friendly interface, you cannot navigate it easily. Our team has analyzed every site to ensure that it has an intuitive interface and provides several options for selecting psychics.

  • Discounts

First-time customers always desire discounts on psychic reading services. However, they can find this option on a few sites.

  • Free minutes

It is challenging to find the most trusted psychic advisors. That is why a reliable platform always offers free psychic minutes to users. It will give you the opportunity to connect to the psychic reader and assess his skills. Some online psychics offer free service for the first 5 minutes.

  • Satisfaction guarantee

The risk-free sites ensure a money-back guarantee when you are not satisfied with the service. You will get peace of mind after paying for the service.

  • Contact methods

How do the psychics contact you for readings? It is the most important factor for judging a site. Phone calls, email, video, and online chat are some commonly chosen communication channels. You can communicate with psychics at any time.

Is free psychic reading worse than paid one?

Technological advancements have made it easy to connect with psychics to find clarity in life and solve several questions. However, psychics are professionals, and they have joined the website to find their customers. Still, some psychic reading sites provide you with a free trial offer for a limited period. The free psychic chat is truly advantageous for assessing the quality of services. But, to continue availing the service of the famous psychics, you need to choose the premium packages.

So, no website offers you totally free service. You can ask a free psychic question for a few minutes.

But, we know that you always like to choose cost-saving options. That is why we have chosen sites, providing you with affordable psychics.

Not every psychic is equal in his ability and skill. To help you in making the right decision, we have reviewed the best websites. You can find free and paid services from these websites.

In most cases, the site charges you on a per-minute basis. Moreover, you can look for special deals and discounts.

From Tarot readings to angel reading and dream analysis, every type of service is available at a reasonable rate.

Why online psychics are better than local “psychics near me”

Have you browsed Google with a question- Who are the best psychics near me? You are familiar with the trend of hiring local psychics for your life-related issues. But, nowadays, several customers prefer an online platform to locate accurate psychics. How do you compare the local psychics with the online readers?

A network of several psychics

There are 200 to 500 online psychic readers on a single platform. But, how many psychics will you find in your locality? It is not more than a couple of readers. They have a few specialized skills in the field of psychic reading.

On the contrary, a digital platform presents you with good psychics who are efficient at providing different services. You can choose them for a tarot reading, numerology, dream analysis, clairvoyance reading, and angel card reading. Thus, you will get the opportunity to join a big network and avail the best services. Most importantly, you will be able to check the profile and qualifications of psychic readers.

More convenient

Visiting the local psychic readers for spiritual readings is a hassle. You need to schedule your appointment before consulting the reader. But, hiring online psychics is easy, as you can reach them by clicking a button. You can also start a live psychic chat with the chosen reader.

Your location will not be a barrier to buying online psychic reading services. When you feel troubled with a frightening dream, you may easily connect to a dream analyst online.

Vetted Psychics

Some of us are concerned about the skills of psychics and the accuracy of their readings. However, online sites always verify the psychic readers to ensure that they are capable of providing the best service. They recruit reputable psychics who respond to clients efficiently. On digital platforms, you can read other clients’ reviews before hiring a psychic reader.

Satisfaction Guarantee

You do not like to pay for inaccurate psychic reading services. A reliable website for psychic reading ensures customer satisfaction guarantee with its refund policy.

Anonymous and private

During your online psychic reading sessions, your information will stay private. You can maintain confidentiality while availing the service. A professional Tarot reader knows that it is illegal to share your private details with others.

Free Minutes

Your local psychic reader does not provide you with a free-minute session. However, you will get this opportunity from online readers. You will save money and avoid the risk of investing money in unreliable services. The free-minute service will enable you to find the right psychic reader.

Psychic readings of different categories

Some psychics are skilled in multiple types of readings. Being new to the world of psychics, you must know that psychic readings are of different types.

Tarot readings

Professional Tarot readers may not be able to predict the future in your life. During the Tarot card reading session, the reader will interpret the cards picked from the deck. It will foresee the possible results for any situation. Moreover, Tarot readers rely on their intuition to choose the cards most relevant to them.


Palm psychic reading is another popular way to predict your future by interpreting your palm color, lines, and shape. These characteristics of your palm also denote your future and character. By analyzing the palm, the professional reader will provide you with insightful details of your life, health, love life, and career.

You can make a video call to engage yourself in the palm reading session.


Astrology psychic reading is done by interpreting the planetary positions at the time of birth. You will get future predictions from your astrologer. The best astrologers also provide you with astrological remedies.


It is also a type of psychic reading available on online sites. Originated in Egypt, numerology involves a way to learn about your life by analyzing relevant numbers. For instance, numerologists will ask you to submit your name and birth date to identify your life’s journey. The reader will evaluate these numbers and foresee your life.

Benefits of choosing a psychic reader online

  • Gives you peace of mind

Until your mind finds peace, you can never make your life productive. You cannot concentrate on your job while there are several uncertainties in your life. You waste your time thinking of the potential step to manage the situation. A professional psychic reader plays a role in finding transparency in your life. You will be in a jovial mood, and thus, you will enjoy a sound sleep at night.

  • The reader validates your decision

After undergoing a psychic reading session, you can affirm your decisions. You can restore your energy and make a proper decision on different issues, including relationships, career, and family.

  • Get an overview of your life

The mysterious events in life are not always under your control. But, psychics have the ability to read the medium. You can hire them for a spiritual reading of your life. With a comprehensive understanding of your life, you will be able to retain your confidence. It will be easy to take the most effective steps in your life.

  • Redirect your life properly

The best psychic reader will assist you in digging deep into the past, present, and future days of your life. The information obtained from the reader is useful for redirecting your life. You can take the right path that serves your purpose.

  • Make you ready for the future

Your psychic reader will tell you some important things about your future. Although it may not be a 100% accurate prediction, you will find the minor details useful. The reading will make you prepared to accept the future.

In some cases, breakups and traumatic events affect your life. The psychic mediums will make you feel better after these disturbing events.

  • Give you inspiration

You may have been looking for a source of inspiration to make adjustments in your life. The psychic readings will motivate you to make a positive transformation and make your life better. You can uplift your mood and manage your challenging situations.


Are the psychic readings accurate?

Some of us think that our future is always static, and everything is predetermined. For instance, a psychic has predicted a shift in your career within a year. However, it has not finally happened in your life. In this scenario, you assume that it is an inaccurate prediction.

Accuracy is surely one of the important factors. But, you can never overlook free will. Psychics cannot foresee a predetermined event in your life. They check your everyday patterns during the psychic reading session.

How will you prepare yourself for a psychic reading?

As it is the first time you have hired psychic readers, some tips will be helpful for you.

  • Be open-minded-

You must be frank while communicating with the psychic reader. Do not anticipate how the psychic reading will go on.

  • Identify the type of reading you need-

Versatile online psychic readers provide you with a range of services, including

  • Love and relationship readings
  • Spiritual readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Past life analysis
  • Dream interpretation

You need to choose the right one for your needs. Moreover, you have to create a list of questions you like to ask your reader.

  • How do the spirits guide me?
  • What new information will I get about my marriage life?

How will I know that the psychic medium is authentic?

While looking for a psychic medium, you may have heard about different fraud cases. But, reliable pseudo mediums have high skills and deliver the best performance. They respond to your reactions efficiently. Moreover, you may also ask some questions to the medium to confirm the accuracy of his information.

What does a psychic reader tell you?

The information received from the reader can vary with the type of reading you have chosen. However, most commonly, phone psychics and other online readers will cover topics like

  • Careers
  • Life decisions
  • Lost objects
  • Relationship

A good psychic does not claim that he can predict your future. In fact, he has the ability to sense how you should move forward.

Spiritual reading also enables you to make the right decisions and come out of an unclear situation. Furthermore, the reading forecasts the action of any special person in your life. While facing challenges in making a decision, psychic guidance will be valuable to you.

How should I respond to a reading?

You always have the potential to control your destiny. For instance, you may have appointed a psychic reader to know about your performance in the exam. In this situation, the reader will analyze your vibe. He will tell you something negative when you pretend to be lazy. The reading will not be relevant to those who have worked hard and read their books thoroughly. Thus, you may control the outcome predicted by psychics.

A psychic had predicted that I would find my dream partner in life. It has not happened yet. Why?

It might have been said that you would be in a relationship at a particular time of the year. It never indicates that the psychic reader has summoned the special event to happen in your life.

Life is a connection between the Divine world and you. Thus, without your own effort, you can’t make anything occur in your life. You may question yourself about how you are ready for the relationship. Moreover, you have to be self-confident and develop a sense of security. It will enable you to establish a healthy relationship.


Life has lots of mysteries, and it can make you feel scared at times. Some mysteries are not under your control. While the minor ones have minimal impact, others can cover your life with a dark cloud. But, you can uncover at least some of these mysteries with psychic guidance. We have reviewed the best websites where you can find the most popular psychic readers. These efficient readers will solve different queries about your life.