Five days combined into one – is there anything I can’t do?

So I know I said that I would write 28 blogs because I was away for 28 days and that it would be a challenge for myself. But having to deal with the fact that I was ill, plus I had rubbish wifi, plus I didn’t really have a very interesting few days while being ill meant that writing each day almost became a chore, so I’ve decided to combine all the days into one and provide you this mega blog as a way to end my long lived career as a blogger. Hope you enjoy :)


Another day of being ill meant that I was stuck in the Villa all morning while Mum and Josh went on a horse riding tour around the coast. Mum left on a horse, and came back having fallen off a horse. She is fine, just slightly bruised. So Dad was an ok ill partner. We did the cryptic crossword and I realised how rubbish I am at anything to with crosswords or cryptic things. I read, slept, didn’t really eat, and drunk about 3 litres of water. I don’t know how I haven’t managed to just take up residence in a toilet because of how much I am needing to pee.

Mum and Josh arrived back at about midday, and we had another lazy afternoon of swimming in the sea, playing lots of cards and more reading.

So Saturday was quite boring.


Still feeling rubbish, so Dad and Josh headed out on a Scuba-Diving trip for the morning, and I had Mum as an ill partner. I managed to finish an entire book in one morning, by Sophie Kinsella, who I love, and really recommend to you all. Still drinking TOO MUCH water and not really eating, and Mum is shoving the thermometer down my throat every five seconds. Life is great.

Dad and Josh arrive back and we have another pretty lazy afternoon, only to be joined by a lovely bunch of monkeys.

I don’t know what I want, but I want something.

They jumped, they danced, they stole. They wanted wine, wine corks, biscuits, napkins, whatever you can name. One guy even decided that if he ran across the grass on his hind legs, he would still be invisible.

No one can see me. I am James Bond.

Another guy was gutted when he found out that all of the food had been eaten.

What do you mean, there’s no cake left?

One of them wanted to test the boundaries and see how far he could get before one of us actually moved the wine bottle.

Maybe if I only take the cork they won’t know that I’m an alcoholic.

So yeah, what an interesting visit. That was Sunday.


Early rises when you’re ill really do not work. Waking up at 5.15 because the boat leaves so early is not nice. The boat ride was not nice. Waves and crashing do not help headaches. Never let anyone convince you that they do.

So the boat ride took an hour in total, which was another hour of Mum worrying whether or not Dad had been sick, and me hoping that I wouldn’t be thrown off the boat after every wave.

We were going on another tour around a national park in Corcovado, which was really nice. We saw lots of different animals and I actually learnt a lot.

Just because you’re taking a photo doesn’t mean I can’t look tired.

So that was Monday. A trip in the morning, followed by lots of packing in the afternoon. A lovely few days in a lovely place with lovely people.


We head off early because once again, the boat leaves early. I don’t know why anyone would want to drive a boat at 7.15 in the morning but oh well, whatever floats your boat I guess.

We headed to Jaco, which was our last stop. Well, not even a stop unless you count staying somewhere overnight as a stop on a tour. Jaco was, by far, the most urban place we have stayed. The city was filled with souvenir shops selling cheap trousers and hand woven bracelets, restaurants with overpriced food, taxis, supermarkets, hotels. We ended up at a sushi restaurant for dinner (what a great way to celebrate Costa Rican cuisine on our last night) which was very nice. Josh and I both love sushi, so we were both happy. We headed back to the hotel and went to sleep straight away.

Wednesday (today)

So this morning we had some breakfast at a very nice bar quite close to our hotel. We then headed off to the airport and joined a very long queue of people waiting to check in. I kept myself busy by snap chatting. As did Josh. I don’t actually know what Mum and Dad were doing.

After we got past security, we grabbed some lunch and are now sat in gate 2, waiting to board our flight.

As I end my final blog, I would like to say that I have had the most amazing time in Costa Rica, it will be an adventure I will never forget. I want to say thank you for everyone who has been following all the way through, or if you just wanted to have a morning read, or if you only read one blog and got bored, thank you for taking the time. I have loved blogging and it’s definitely something that I will do again in the future. I have loved sharing this journey with you, and I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing. I am so excited to see all of you again, and I hope you had an amazing summer. Ok, my flights now boarding. See you back in London!

Blitz’n x

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