The second of Dad’s fears in two days.

So yesterday was heights. And today came large animals to ride on, aka horses. It was the first time Dad had ridden on a horse since riding a camel in the desert for two days when he and Mum went travelling around the world. His horse was also, however not to his knowledge, one that was feared by the locals as being the fastest and strongest. He was unaware of that, but this didn’t stop him from panicking the whole way through the ride.

So today was our second day exploring through Arenal – or Arsenal as autocorrect keeps pointing out. No Sam, we are not touring around the hills of Arsenal, if such things were to ever exist. We began the morning by visiting the natural hot springs. This is a river/stream to swim in, but instead of cold water, it is completely hot and sometimes unbearable. However, the currents were quite strong, so we had to be careful not to lose a flip flop.

Dad and Josh looking like starfish.

After our swim, we headed to the town to grab some lunch, followed by a very wet but very enjoyable horse ride up the hills. Here are some photos from our afternoon. You wouldn’t have thought from the photos that Dad was scared, but you could definitely tell when his horse picked up speed.

Don’t we look like a typical English family.

So another adventurous day came to an end, followed by a lovely dinner and a lovely sunset. We celebrated the end of a good fifth stop in Costa Rica by taking a few family selfies. First time for everything.

Tomorrow we head to Monteverde, our sixth stop. We are almost halfway through our tour! Wonder if the rain is better or worse here than in England.

Blitz’n x

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