Lock down, self isolation and social distancing. Just a few words I can’t wait to not hear again. Working for the NHS I know these are definitely the right steps to tackle and beat this virus. But like many its got me feeling meh and when the spa is out of reach to relax and reset your mind whats the next best option?. For me this was the bathroom and my bedroom and I want to share with you how I transformed my house into a relaxing sanctuary.

From foot treatment, face masks and mental relaxation i’m going to give you some tips on how I created this relaxing day. …

Not only does coconuts taste amazing in your food or as a drink, coconut oil can also have many benefits for your locks. There are three structures to hair and these are often damaged when washing and styling.

My hair is something I am very passionate about so I was so ready to try a new treatment. I just brought a tub of cold pressed, extra- virgin coconut oil that you can use for anything (cooking, baking and skin/hair masks) You can expect to pay anything from £4-£15 depending on where you buy yours from.

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Research has shown that unlike other oils that mask the hair e.g sunflower oil. Coconut oil naturally absorbs into the scalp and hair shaft and will show more benefits. Its important to realise that coconut oil may not sit well with your hair. Trying different methods to find what works for you is best. But first lets look at some of the benefits coconut oil may give. …

Stepping up your skincare game is as easy as filling up a bowl of warm water, literally. Steaming your face will not only open up your pores but it also has many other benefits that we will discuss below.

Benefits Of Steaming Your Face

  • Cleanses — Steaming your face helps prepare your skin for a deeper cleanse. The steam also helps remove stubborn dirt and make up.
  • Hydrates — Steam will naturally hydrate your skin by producing natural oils. However if you’re prone to acne or have oily skin then it could produce more oil than you want.
  • natural absorbent — Your face cream, serum and other products are going to have more value of money after steaming your face. Our skin naturally has a low permeability which is the skins ability to block things diffusing through our skin, by steaming your face you improve this and the products are going to work into your skin a lot better. …

Fed up with blackheads? Those pesky little blackheads are so stubborn and can be hard to remove, but what if I told you that you could have clearer skin with just 1 egg.. Yep that’s right, your clear skin is just 1 egg away. with the shops shut and delivery taking a while to arrive this is your next best face mask! Not only do eggs taste great on toast but the egg whites will also boost your complexion and give you softer feeling skin. …


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