Tongoro embodies affordable luxury

TONGORO is an affordable clothing label launched a year ago by the amazing Sarah Diouf . The brand is committed to the development of Senegal. All items are made in Dakar, Senegal and sold on e-commerce site.


The brand embodies what is “Made in Africa” a label in the global market that is defined by the easthetic and what true African luxury fashion is.


The latest Tongoro collection is for woman who is stylish, likes to travel, dress comfortably, and make a statement. It’s fun, and sophisticated.

(Here is an extract from an interview I did with Sarah Diouf , founder of TONGORO for ELLE DECORATION SA)

Where does your approach to African fashion come from?

I grew up on the continent, I believe some things unconsciously fed and left a print in my mind, and now have an impact on how I see and do everything. My thing has always been image; I have always wanted to work in advertising and create imagery you don’t need words for, then fashion kind of happened to me, revealing itself as a beautiful accessory to create powerful images, but never a substitute. African fashion the way I see it, is a result of a clash between my cultural heritage and also every part of the world I step into.

You are steadily becoming a fashion icon, people love the way you dress. What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is a bridge to something else. It’s a way of expression. An accessory to create. And I love meeting and connecting with people through it. It is not something to be taken too seriously because life is bigger than that, unless from a business point of view, because many people live from it, feed their families, and deserve respect and recognition for their work.

MBURU Bag by Tongoro

You can check out Tongoro Studio summer 17 campaign below:

Tongoro Studio Summer 17