To Christy on Facebook, who doesn’t need the Women’s March

Agreeing with her -or not- is secondary… last I checked, it was “ok” to speak your mind and do so publicly. Just like the women marching and being thrilled and swooped up by the cause and sisterhood, there are women who feel differently. This one, and I’m sure a bunch of others, do NOT feel the same. WE, here in the USA, have a saying, remember? “ I may find your opinion (expletive) but I will defend your right to freely express this (fill in here) opinion with my blood and last breath”. To call her out like that, by name, to be this ‘assumptuous’ and presumptuous, snide and seething may get “Hails” from the jeering club, and HS “mean brat girls’ association, but is petty and poor, poor form. No cheers from this woman.

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