I know this isn’t intended — but “Not people like you… Black people.
Zara Rahman

Yes, thank you for pointing this out, it’s definitely not intentional, but I am sensitive to the alternative readings of this and any in-built biases which caused me not to notice in the first place.

I think the point I was trying to drive at is more: find a way to recognise which biases in your friendship group and opinions, it’s not always easy (as, perhaps, proven here), and then find a way to step outside them.

It will take effort in all directions to make this better. And anyone in the UK should feel free to make themselves the subject of this sentence, not the object.

“Not people like you. People from different walks of life. Young people. White people. Christians. Atheists. Sikhs. That annoying guy from school who you never talked to because he always had the opposite opinion to you.”

Thanks for pointing this out, Zara. I’ll leave the article as it is, with these comments as additions, as I think that is most appropriate.

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