It is already hard to decide to undergo a fertility procedure. Long waits at the clinic, facing difficult tests, questioning your lifestyle, making assumptions of the percentage of success, giving personal details about your sex lifestyle, etc. There are so many things that we can mention here and the list is endless. However, there are recommendations I provide based on experience with other patients, and based on my own experience as a fertility doctor. There are things that you need to avoid listening to once you become a fertility patient. It is highly recommended you follow my advice.

  1. What is your diagnose? this is a very common one when patients wait at the clinic. The room is filled with patients undergoing fertility procedures, filled with doubts and questions, and a good form of validation is to listen they have been given the same diagnose or treatment as the others. Remember, every patient is different and you might not receive the same treatment as your colleague patient waiting. You can ask politely not to make comments about your fertility procedure during a conversation.
  2. In case you do not have a positive result you can always adopt: This is a very difficult one to face, especially because in most cases comes from family and friends looking to alleviate the suffering.
  3. I think you should change the clinic and go somewhere else: If a patient has already established a good relationship and communication with their doctor it will be hurtful and difficult for him/her to listen to this recommendation. This has to be a decision that just the patient should consider, not anyone else.
  4. Let’s start a group chat so we can all be in touch and follow each other’s procedure: Please do not become part of a group chat to listen to everybody’s problems, treatments and results; this will definitely interfere with your own treatment and the results might be not satisfactory after all. The same applies with reading other stories in fertility blogs.
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