Why Lemonade Is For Black Women
Dominique Matti

I am going to have to bookmark this to read several more times. Your writing is powerful. It cuts deep and breathes fire to light up shame-filled and shame-fueled darkness. I am not a Black woman, but I felt included and buoyed by the strength of your writing and conviction. I felt, as a person of mixed ethnicity, half originating from a “third world” Asian country, I could understand the long history of being subjugated, considered least or never, having to care but not being cared for — giving to the point of emptiness, never mind the glass half full. This new autobiographical work by Queen B. saying, I’m not on a throne, I’m one of you, we are an us is revelatory and I am excited to explore its depths. Thank you for sharing this and for the work you are doing as a writer.