BuffetGO: The Fight Against Food Waste

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In the United States, 40 percent of food ends up in landfills, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Meanwhile, one in six American struggles with food insecurity. Much of this food waste comes from restaurants, cafes and hotels, which have to throw out all the left-over food at the end of the day. That is roughly 1.6 billion dollars of perfectly consumable products going to waste every year.

A new app called BuffetGO aims to battle the issue of food waste by partnering with local restaurants to offer heavily discounted meals at closing times. BuffetGO was launched in Finland in 2014 and now operates in eight countries. It expanded to the United States last summer and is now partnering with 29 eateries across the country.

Cafe Exchange, located in Downtown Manhattan, was the first restaurant in New York City to partner with BuffetGO. According to the Store Manager Sherry Ann Chitaman, the CEO of BuffetGO Emil Rosengren Lolby personally approached her boss in summer 2016. Once her boss realized the benefits and the humanitarian aspect of the program, he signed Cafe Exchange on instantly.