Ruder ramblings.

My bed is very empty.

As I run my tongue across my lips I feel swelling and pain and I taste blood. And I like it. No-one else can see but I’m reminded of your hands all over, I grin to myself thinking about how good you feel pushed inside of me.

I like pain, more than I probably should, and whilst it probably feels incredibly wrong, it feels wonderfully right too. Being scared, dominated, used- it turns me on. I’d love to be used as a little fuck toy, touched, and told what to do. Grabbed and laughed at. Held and told it was going to hurt.

I also like being curled up in safe, strong arms. I love being gently stroked and kissed, kissed by lips that still give me butterflies when they’re against mine. I want to be with you, to have you tell me what a good girl I am, to brush my hair and make me giggle and tingle. Tease me, softly and slowly and make me beg. Make me beg for you to fuck me.