My journey to Design and User Experiences

Hi! Lucy here! =) Follow me as I share my experiences and thoughts attending UXDI (User Experience Design Immersive) for UX (User Experience) at General Assembly in New York City.

If you were to ask me five years ago whether I saw myself gravitating towards a field or a career in UX/UI, my answer would have been, “what is UX/UI?” Even today many people still don’t know what a UX job title is or what a UX job role entails.

My first exposure to User Experience (UX) was brought about by my good high school friend, who herself took a course at General Assembly and changed careers to a Software Engineer.

When she heard that I was looking for a new job and knew my background in marketing and public health, she introduced me to a UX Research job that her company was looking to fill.

Having a background in marketing meant that I was always interested in the design of consumer products and how those products are marketed to the general market and to targeted niche markets.

I was also interested in learning more about behavioral and cognitive thinking that drive consumers to purchase and use, or to choose one product over a competitor’s.

While I didn’t get the job role of a UX Researcher, the role still intrigued me deeply afterwards, such that a lot of the basic components of user based research was quite similar to my past work experience of research and analyzing results of different projects . I also learnt that eHealth has been growing rapidly in recent years! I would love to gain an additional skillet in UI/UX and contribute more to the field of IT with health to develop health related products with ease of usability!

In combination with my market research and research skills from my past intern and job experiences, and with some foundational design/art skills that I hope to build upon, I’m eagerly looking to fulfill the role of a future UX-er and to learning more about UX/UI from instructors and classmates at General Assembly.

It will be exciting to learn more about user design and build a stronger IT mindset to learn how user experience plays an important role in today’s society!

Thanks for reading!! =).

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