View from the plane: Port Phillip Bay, Victoria — Australia

Why I Think Everybody Should Go Skydiving

Continuing off from my last post Hi Mum, I’m jumping off a plane this weekend — this is the post-skydive thoughts and how jumping off a plane is now an excuse I can use to make me do other things I’m plenty scared of.

So I jumped off the plane yesterday. We flew up above the iconic Port Phillip bay until we reached 14,000 feet above ground before thanking the pilot, opening the roller door and jumping into the abyss.

I think the thing that surprised me most is that the actual jump wasn’t actually that scary. Once I was mid-air accelerating back down to earth, there was actually no fear left. Dropping through the sky actually kills all your senses, including your sense of fear.

No, really. There was absolutely no space left for fear. All I could think about on the 60 seconds way down was F***, wow this is freakin’ amazing, but omg I’m free-falling in the open sky, my mouth is getting dry, I can’t hear anything, my ears are popping like crazy …and then the parachutes come out.

But let me tell you that I was plenty scared that day. Just not during the actual jump.

For me, the point of maximal fear was here:

Lucy’s Point of Maximal Fear a.k.a OH-SHIT

My tandem instructor had shuffled us to the plane’s doorway and we were preparing ourselves to jump. Half of my body was already outside, my feet helplessly dangling beneath the plane. It wasn’t a long period of time but I do remember that it was at this point where all my fears culminated to this one OH-SHIT feeling.

Because this is the turning point.

The point where our fears and reality have finally come to meet. This is the point where we transform from our scared self to our non-scared self.

It is at this point where most of us usually falter — we hesitate, procrastinate and back out from whatever it is we were about to do. Most of the time we never make this jump. Heck, if I wasn’t physically attached to my instructor I probably would’ve crawled back into the plane.

But yesterday I did jump.

And it felt amazing.

Saying adios to fear was liberating and the cool part was I didn’t have to do or be anything out of the ordinary to conquer the fear.

All I did was jump.

I was the same old me when I made the jump. There were no epiphanies, no super powers, no divine intervention. I just didn’t make excuses to not do it.

We are capable of conquering all of our fears every single day. The power to conquer fear is already within each of us. And there is no other way to beat fear than to beat it. What I mean is that there is no other way to beat fear other than doing the very thing you’re afraid of doing.

Because once you acknowledge fear and walk through it anyways, it will step out of your way and let you continue on.

So now that I’ve jumped off a plane and landed safely back on Earth, I can say to everything else I’m afraid of: I’ve jumped off a plane 14,000 feet above ground, I can probably do you too.

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