How I put on my own exhibition

I wanted to put down my experiences of putting on my own exhibition with a view that making this sort of thing a bit more transparent might be helpful to others looking at doing the same. I’ve broken it down into two parts; my story and the practicalities of it all.

My background

I have always been painting or drawing or making and having an exhibition in a London art gallery is a dream come true.

When I was younger I was never quite sure of myself, I needed to be sensible about things and I didn’t feel like I quite fit…

Hiroshima to Kyushu and all the crazy in between

Going back a step on the trip, today I’ll take you from Hiroshima to Kyushu. Not that far and only one day but boy was it a day.

Hiroshima A-Bomb Dome.


Hiroshima was an exceptional place in every way. We were staying in a great air bnb (not quite so easy to do since the law changed). There were bikes provided with the property and it was compact but traditional and one of my favourite places so far.

Before I dive into the journey from Hiroshima, let’s look at the place itself.

It is a globally famous city and unfortunately for terrible reasons…

Introduction to hitchhiking — Japan style

Hitchhiking can be a scary word but if there’s ever a perfect place to try it, it’s Japan. The people are friendly, the service stations are to die for and some of the best spots to wait are pretty damn gorgeous.

I spent 4 months hitchhiking around Japan from Tokyo to Kagoshima and back again and everywhere in-between with my partner B. We travelled 6705km, had around 25 lifts and made around 28 stops. …

Kyushu Edition

So first up in my hitchhikers guide to Japan….

Me conquering a volcano Mt Aso (yes that’s a massive crack in the earth that I’m stood next to)


This week's adventures are in relation to Kyushu, one of the harder islands to traverse but also one of the best parts of our adventure.

Number 3 in size of the 4 main islands of Japan and the most southern, it has a subtropical climate and is generally a lot greener and much more chilled. There’s a lot more to it than Fukuoka too.

Getting on to Kyushu and into it can be a bit tricky. There’s a massive road connecting it to Honshu (and an underground pedestrian tunnel as we’d…

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