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Avantika Chandra Shares How the MS in Marketing Program Makes Her A Stronger Marketer

Avantika Chandra, Class of 2017, earned her MBA from ESSEC Business School in Ile-de-France three years ago. Avantika’s passion lies with the luxury sector and ESSEC Business School is one of the few business schools in the world that offers a specialization in luxury. This is the main reason why Avantika pursued an MBA degree; now that she is completing the MS in Marketing degree, she feels the two degrees complement her interests very well. After graduation, Avantika joined one of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world: Louis Vuitton to be a part of the retail team, managing Louis Vuitton’s biggest in-store category.

Avantika Chandra, Class of 2017, at MS in Marketing students orientation day — 2016

Why She Returned to School

After working in the retail sector for a while, Avantika realized her interest in the marketing of luxury products and brands.

“I believe that one of the best ways for me to get into marketing is to get a specialization in marketing. This is one of the reasons why I decided to pursue the MS in Marketing degree at the USC Marshall School of Business.”

Avantika shared that besides the University of Southern California’s reputation, location was also one of the determining factors when it came to choosing the best school for her marketing specialization.

“I wanted to go to school on the West Coast, in Los Angeles specifically. I believe the city is buzzing with innovative startups and top global marketers.”

How the MS in Marketing Program Benefits Her

Avantika explained that she learned all aspects of managing a luxury brand throughout her MBA pursuit, but she credits the MS in Marketing degree with providing her competitive marketing expertise.

“In terms of skills, the courses I took during my MBA taught me every aspect of running a luxury business or managing a luxury brand. So, it was more specialized in terms of the industry. Differently, the MS in Marketing Program equips me with a specialization in marketing, so I can apply my marketing skills not only in the luxury industry but in other industries as well.”

Avantika added that the skills she learned from the two programs work very well together:

“Marketing is a really big part of the luxury brand, so, it all works out very nicely for me. I can apply marketing skills and knowledge I learn throughout my pursuit of the MS in Marketing degree to the luxury sector. I learned cases from various industries and I can apply the lessons learned to the luxury industry.”

Additionally, Avantika stressed that the program has placed a degree of focus on the advent of digital marketing and this has filled a knowledge gap she previously had.

“When I was pursuing my MBA, this topic came up many times: how different luxury brands are struggling with digital marketing and the technology revolution in general. Nevertheless, we did not dive deeper into the future of digital and its impact on marketing as a whole.”

Advice to Prospective Students

When asked if she has any advice for prospective students, Avantika shared:

“I think prospective students should ask themselves: What’s my motivation in pursuing a master’s degree? Do I want to learn all aspects of a business or do I want to specialize in a particular business aspect such as marketing? If you want to learn marketing in depth, the MS in Marketing Program is the program for you.”

Thank you very much, Avantika for sharing your experience :)

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