Keep an Open Mind

Opening Yourself to Others’ Opinions and Perspectives will Serve You Well

Alison White at USC Marshall MS in Marketing Orientation Day — 2015

This time, I had the honor of interviewing Alison (Ali) White, a current part-time student at the USC Marshall Master of Science in Marketing Program who works at Netflix. Ali recently moved from a tactical role as a Marketing Finance Operations Specialist to a more strategic role as a Senior Financial Analyst of Communications Planning & Strategy. In contrast from her previous role on the financial operations side of the business, Ali’s current role requires her to plan financially and analyze where Netflix’s money should be spent. She is now working with C-level executives at Netflix, including the Chief Marketing Officer and the Chief Communication Officer, in particular, advising them on which earned media to invest in and which original titles to take large bets on from a communications spend perspective. According to Ali, one of the key metrics in determining which title to invest in is a title’s efficiency, which is measured as a function of view rate and the dollar investment spent on the title.

“I now have confidence in areas other than finance. The program has allowed me to better relate to business partners in the sense that I now see business problems holistically and not in a silo.”
“The peer-to-peer discussions in class introduced me to new and different perspectives from many industries.”

When asked how the program has contributed to her achievements, Ali answered that the program has strengthened her confidence and allowed her to see problems as a whole. This is a similar sentiment shared by classmate, Jessica Onyepunuka when asked the same question (See The USC MS in Marketing: An Eye-Opening Experience).

Best Part of the Program

Ali shared how much she benefited from in-class discussions. “I really enjoy the peer-to-peer contributions in class. I have been introduced to new and different perspectives from many industries,” she said. As a fellow student in the program, I could not agree more. Different perspectives help you see what you could not see before and expands your horizon.

Advice to Current and Prospective Students

Ali’s advice to current and prospective students:

“Put 110% effort in the classes and engage your fellow peers. The more effort you put in, the more you get out of the classes and the more you learn.”

Three Words to Describe the USC Marshall MS in Marketing Experience

Ali described her MS in Marketing experience in the following three words: “Inspiring. Helpful. Encouraging.”

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