The Personal Touch of the USC Marshall MS in Marketing Program

Khushboo Chopra, Class of 2016, recently moved to Seattle to work at one of the largest eCommerce and cloud computing companies in the world,, Inc. Khushboo accepted an offer from Amazon to come on board as a Marketing Manager in the consumer electronics category.

As a Marketing Manager, Khushboo is responsible for understanding Amazon consumers’ needs. To market effectively, she evaluates and recommends effective communication strategies for channels like onsite merchandising, email, social media, branded content, events and other online traffic channels.

Khushboo Chopra at the MS in Marketing Program’s Mentor Appreciation Dinner 2016

Marketing Fundamentals vs. Marketing Expertise

Prior to earning an MS in Marketing degree from the USC Marshall School of Business, Khushboo earned her MBA in 2012 with a specialization in Marketing Management. When asked how the MS in Marketing degree has contributed to her success, Khushboo mentioned that the degree has helped strengthen her marketing expertise.

“The courses I have taken during my MBA taught me marketing fundamentals. The courses I have taken during my pursuit of the MS in Marketing degree helped me further specialize in digital marketing and data science in particular.”

Khushboo also shared how the one-of-a-kind mentorship program had a huge impact on her success. “I met and connected with various senior executives through the Masters of Marketing Seminars. The mentorship program connected me with my mentor Rita Drucker from Yahoo, who helped me as I secured internships and connected me with other professionals in the industry of my interest.”

Best Part of the Program

Khushboo highlighted how impressed she was with the program’s personal touch. “As compared to MBA program, MS in Marketing students take their core courses as a cohort. This allows each student to get personal attention from the program itself. The curriculum is customized as per student’s career goals, helping them develop and enhance skills required to be successful in the industry. Dr. Diane Badame [Program and Academic Director for the MS in Marketing Program] and Professor Gene Del Vecchio [Adjunct Professor at the USC Marshall School of Business] go above and beyond to ensure each student’s success.”

“Through the MS in Marketing Program, I have formed strong bonds and lifelong connections. The power of the Trojan Network is real. I can really feel the entire Trojan Family helping me along my journey to success.”

Advice to Current and Prospective Students

“Find out what you really want to do and channelize your efforts in attaining that. For instance, if you know that you want to be in Research then you can connect with people in that industry and take courses that help to develop required skills. This will help you to achieve your goal much more efficiently.”

Three Words to Describe the USC Marshall MS in Marketing Experience

Khushboo described her MS in Marketing experience in the following three words: “Amazing. Exceptional. Dynamic.”

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