The USC MS in Marketing: An Eye-Opening Experience

USC’s Assistant Athletic Director shares how the USC MS in Marketing Program contributed to her job promotion

Jessica Onyepunuka

Jessica Onyepunuka was recently promoted to the position of Assistant Athletic Director in the USC Trojan Athletics Marketing Department and I had the honor of interviewing her regarding her exciting promotion.

Jessica is currently a part-time student pursuing the USC MS in Marketing degree with plans to graduate in Summer 2017. Balancing study and work is no easy task, especially when you have a full-time job. Nevertheless, this does not stop her from performing her best, which led to her promotion.

Prior to her promotion, Jessica was an Assistant Director of Marketing in the USC Trojan Athletics Department for three years. She has handled the promotional strategy for USC Women’s Basketball and Soccer and will be adding Women’s Volleyball and Men’s Basketball to her plate. She balances these responsibilities while managing an internship program of over 20 students.

“It was an eye-opening experience. The program has helped me to develop critical thinking skills necessary for me to excel at work.”

When asked how the program has contributed to her promotion, Jessica confidently answered that the program has made a huge difference in her work life: “It was an eye-opening experience. The program has helped me to develop critical thinking skills necessary for me to excel at work.” She further elaborated that the program has changed the way she looks at problems at work. She no longer sees challenges as isolated cases but as interdependent cases that may relate and/or contribute to other issues.

The Best Part of the USC MS in Marketing Program

Jessica believes that the best part of the program is how accommodating it can be. Nobody reflects this better than Dr. Badame, Program and Academic Director of the USC MS in Marketing Program. Dr. Badame is very open and willing to adapt to feedback to improve the program and its curriculum. Jessica also shared that the program is flexible and fluid, allowing students to take electives from schools other than the USC Marshall School of Business. This has allowed her to work together with students from various backgrounds and majors, which has been a valuable experience.

Words of Wisdom for Current and Prospective Students

Jessica encourages current students to not hesitate to speak up and have a dialogue regarding their education. The program has created such an open and comfortable educational environment which gives students the opportunity to speak up and be heard.

As for prospective students, Jessica highly recommends the program to those looking to develop their marketing skills. The USC Master of Science Program teaches students to thoroughly analyze marketing problems and solve them through business cases and class discussions.

Three Words to Describe the USC MS in Marketing Experience

I asked Jessica to describe the USC MS in Marketing Program in three words. “Innovative. Adaptive. Awesome!”

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