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This summer, I had the opportunity to intern on Xandr’s Data Science Team, a broad and essential organization that provides information and insights for business decisions, product support, and management.

The data we worked on ranged from auction prices to television viewership information and customer demographics, and more. I am especially grateful for this internship opportunity as we are going through a global pandemic, and the University Recruiting Team went through a lot of preparations to make the remote internship experience fun and rewarding.

Project Overview

My project’s general goal was to select traits that can be used to identify customer segments of similar behavior in order to enable relevant ad targeting for a specific households. For example, if we know that a household tends to spend a large portion of time watching kids channels, then our algorithm would suggest certain characteristics or interests, like a tendency to visit amusement parks and zoos, drive an SUV or buy children’s toys. We can then use these characteristics to place correlating TV advertisements, ultimately leading to a significant increase in the efficiency and personalization of the consumer experience. …

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