Milan, Italy, July 24th 2020

The cloud publishing platform StreetLib has added a raft of new distribution partners this week as it continues its mission to be the world’s leading one-stop shop for publishers any size, anywhere, wanting to reach a truly global audience.

StreetLib began life as an ebook company back in 2006, before Amazon’s Kindle made ebooks fashionable, and today facilitates the production and gateway distribution of ebooks, POD, comics, magazines, audiobooks and online reading, with an unrivalled portfolio of 70+ partners that offer reach through hundreds of retail and subscription consumer points and to over 50,000 library consumer points worldwide.

Today’s announcement…

Milan, Italy, May 22nd 2020

While Italy-based, StreetLib’s reputation as one of the foremost global players in the digital books arena was enhanced this week when the company’s CEO, Giacomo D’Angelo, joined a panel of publishing industry experts in an online discussion about the impact of digital publishing amid the coronavirus crisis.

Organised by the United Arab Emirates’ Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT Abu Dhabi) as part of a series of online seminars for the Arab and global publishing industry, the discussion was moderated by Salah Chebaro, General Director of Thaqafa and Founder and CEO of Neelwafurat, one of the largest online…

Milan, Italy, March 31th 2020

StreetLib is delighted to announce a new partnership with Sweden’s Word Audio Publishing (WAPI) as the two companies expand their global digital ambitions.

Based in Italy, StreetLib operates across six continents partnering with publishers and authors to provide services and distribution across the publishing spectrum, including ebooks, audiobooks, print-on-demand, online literature, comics, etc.

WAPI is one of the fastest growing digital books operators in Sweden and beyond — synergies which made for a natural partnership between the two companies.

Mattias Lundgren, CEO at WAPI said:

Our mission is to reach as many people as possible with our stories. Teaming up…

Milan, Italy, March 9th 2020

Regulars at StreetLib will already know that, as part of our portfolio of Value Added Services to compliment our global ebook and audiobook distribution, we also offer a free editing and formatting tool called StreetLib Write.

This week we’re pleased to announce the StreetLib Write service has been re-designed and re-launched with a new UX and some great new features that authors and publishers of all sizes will want to try out.

With the new StreetLib Write you can create beautiful ebooks and also beautiful PDFs for Print On Demand.

And to make life easier still you can design your…

As everybody knows, the coronavirus presents a global challenge. From our homebase in Italy, we at StreetLib urge everyone to follow health and safety guidelines set by government agencies.

StreetLib is a digital company. We are fortunate to have been working remotely for years, and will continue to do so regularly in the coming weeks. While services should not be affected, this is a novel situation and we cannot guarantee there will be no interruption to our service. …

With regret we have to announce that StreetLib will not be attending the London Book Fair this year as planned.

Although we are based in Italy, we are not in the Coronavirus affected area, and there has been no government advice that we should not travel.

But after careful consideration, we have concluded that it would be both morally and socially irresponsible for our team to fly to London, a city of 8 million people, and spend three days in a confined space with up to 25,000 people from around the world in the middle of a fast-growing global health crisis.

As a digital-first company we will be reaching out to all our existing and prospective clients and contacts to try arrange online engagement to make up for our absence at the event.

Thank you for your understanding,

The StreetLib Team.

Milan, Italy, December 20th 2019

There’s much more to digital publishing than ebooks and audiobooks. Digital has also given a new lease of life to print, by enabling publishers to produce books with small print runs — right down to a single copy.

Print On Demand (POD) has proved popular with online stores like Amazon, which of course has its own POD facility that can deliver a book direct to a customer. But for booksellers POD is often seen as bypassing the traditional bookstore model. A threat rather than an opportunity.

But it needn’t be that way. POD can benefit traditional bookstores just as much…

Milan, Italy, November 26th 2019

“The Audiobook. Production, distribution and the market” is the title of a publishing professionals event organised by the Italy-based global books aggregator and publishing facilitator StreetLib and the Italy-based audiobooks production company Il Narratore Audiolibri.

The event is scheduled for December 5 at 5:30 pm in the Aldus Room at Più Libri Più Liberi 2019, the fair of small and medium publishing being hosted at the Rome Convention Center — La Nuvola.

During the meeting StreetLib CEO Giacomo D’Angelo will be joined by StreetLib’s Giovanna Russo and Il Narratore Audiolibri CEO Cristiana Giacometti to talk about the Italian and global…

Milan, Italy, November 21th 2019

Launched in 2006, a year before Amazon opened its first Kindle store and five years before the Kindle arrived in Italy, StreetLib has from its inception been focused on pushing boundaries to maximise reach for its authors and publishers.

This week StreetLib adds a raft of new partnerships to its portfolio, consolidating its position as the first choice for authors and publishers wanting to “go wide and go global”.

In a new partnership with Canada-based Kobo, StreetLib adds Kobo audiobook distribution alongside its existing distribution to the globally-accessible Kobo ebook store, and to the Kobo Plus subscription service that currently…

First announced in May 2019 during the Geneva Book Fair, the collaboration between Italy-based StreetLib and France-based Nakiri has moved forward. The two-company collaboration aims to connect authors and publishers from all over the world with francophone publishing players and vice versa. StreetLib CEO Giacomo D’Angelo and Nakiri co-founders Rosine Zadi and Corentin Emery announce the details of their alliance in the following release:

Two book-tech startups on a mission to globalize publishing

Nakiri and StreetLib envisage a time where publishers, authors, and creators can have their works available for everyone, anywhere in the world. …

Lucia Zitelli

StreetLib Customer Relations US & ROW

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