Photo credit goes to my amazing girlfriend Johanka. ❤️

66 blog posts challenge ✍️

Those who know me closer are familiar with my obsession of taking challenges. The harder it is, the more I am interested in it.

Marathon. Triathlon. Year in the USA. Writing a blog. Working on marketing for ProSpolužá I am addicted, I admit that.

Coach Bricks always says: Finish strong! (Pic from the end of my triathlon adventure)

What is the point?

I have come to a conclusion that the challenges, which I face everyday, are actually a great school not just for me, but other young people. I have decided to share with you what I have learnt in the past 19 years of my life in the 66 blog posts.

Past 6 months I spent working for startup ProSpolužá on marketing. Our aim is to help students with high school math.


I have realized that people around me (speaking in general) don’t have enough information. Isn’t it weird since we live in the 21 st century also known as “Don’t know it? Then Google it.”

Isn’t it weird since we live in the 21 st century also known as “Don’t know it? Then Google it.”

Why is it so important? Having the right information is key for your decisions. Where I go to college? What should I do for living? How do I make money from traveling the world? How to talk to girls? (Question for the lifetime haha)

What is the goal?

To clearly and simply provide eye opening ideas.

Note please one important thing, I am not saying that the information coming from my experience are necessary true.

I am young and I admit that I make mistakes more than often.

Here comes the first one

Never trust anyone, always doubt the information and ask WHY.

Most of the times people don’t have strong “Why”. There is a huge difference between saying “I think” or “based on the research/data I did I think.”

How to learn it?

Speaking from my experience, I try to look at the information from different perspectives. This blog post is a great example, you should ask: What is his background? What experience does he have? Is there any money which he can gain from writing this? If it is true, how can I apply this info to my life?

Try to look at the information from different perspectives.


I decided to dedicate my life to things which matter. Of course, I sometimes watch TV or go to a party. However, I have made clear to myself that my priorities are balance between social life, health and work.

These 66 blog posts should fulfill my personal health, better my writing skills and most importantly help more young people to reach their dreams.

It is never too late. And it doesn’t matter you have no clue what is your final destination. Neither I do.

If you liked it, found it interesting, let me know. Every feedback gives me energy to keep going which I can put back into this blog. :)

Written by Ludek Cizinsky.