,,Oh look at her, she just came back from a gap year in US and she gained almost 10 kg.”

In this article I am gonna cover:

  • Why I hate judging people
  • Problems with weight in US
  • Why is lots of American people fat?
  • How I am dealing with this problem

First thing what I really hate is to judge people and talk behind someone’s back. Simply ask yourself: ,,Do I want my friends to talk about me, especially how bad I am?” Of course not. Everybody wants to be popular and everybody does for his popularity his maximum on social platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat… That’s fine, there is nothing bad… But ask yourself what topic do you talk about with your friends when you are for example in a school? Probably where I find money to go to US or why Barbora Jechova’s cupcakes are so good and everybody loves them. I am not saying that this do everybody but most Czech people, including my parents…

Please, if you can’t say about anybody sth. Positive, please say nothing! Why? Because other people will do the same thing (they don’t have any reason to judge you because you don’t judge them as well). Say sth. positive. Again why? Because people need to be positive and you need positive people around you who will tell you positive things!

,,I am curious how fat you will be after one year in US. Thank you, mum…” Yeah, I thank all those people who told me that they expect that I will gain at least 10 kg. Why? Because I love when I can break someone’s expectations or opinions. Ok, so guess what was my first meal in US? Exactly! Big real American hamburger with lots of chips! Now you think I am ,,big mouth”. Yes, I am. I am talking a lot, it’s my weakness.

So why Do I want to give you advice when I am eating junk food? Actually, I don’t. And in US it is especially hard, trust me. In Czech republic you are ok. There are no Mc Donald’s or KFC everywhere, but here? Subway, Wendy’s, KFC, Mc Donald’s, Burger King,… Everywhere. When our history teacher asked us 2 days ago what do we imagine when he says ,,American symbol”. There was a guy who drew a big store surrounded by franchises which produce junk food. It’s not like in Czech that you can go to bakery and just buy normal sandwich or just buy a shake from fruit. This is totally different lifestyle and you can’t do almost anything. I will make an example for you. For breakfast you can have usually milk with honey rings or whatever. Here is a number of different müsli which you can eat. That sounds good? Yeah. So what can you eat for example for snack in school, chips, cookies with chocolate (to be honest I love cookies) or sandwich. Sounds still good? Yeah, maybe you wouldn’t eat those chips but it is still ok. What can you eat for lunch? You would probably say soup and any hot meal for example pork with rise. No hot meal at at all. However pizza is following you everywhere and everyday in my school 😂. You may say, I love pizza you are weird. I love pizza as well but I am not used to eat pizza everyday. I must say that I am on the other hand happy that you can either pizza or salad for lunch. So it is not so bad, right? I would say yes if you care about your health and don’t eat pizza everyday. So what for snack in afternoon, I am not really sure what eat other people but I usually eat sandwich with peanut butter and jelly. Really Luda? What a crazy combination… I thought same but you must try it! Diner. Taccos everywhere! American people love tacos! I have never eaten it before but it is really tasty. It might be pizza again for dinner or pancakes with maple sirup. So where is problem? It is in plenty of food you eat. To be honest I would eat always and till the time I am totally full. But it doesn’t work if you are not doing some activity in your free time.

So what is finally my advice? Move, move, move, move,… It helps you in two things, first you won’t be fat, second you are not in us to watch TV, Instagram or whatever. You are here to make experience! My host parents are kind of surprised that I am so ,,hyperactive”. Why? I run almost always, during soccer practice, in my free time, on track… It is the best way how to explore nature and have awesome feeling! If you hate running, just walk 😊. Another advice how to stay fit is just make some goals which you want to reach. Because when I am done with my run I know that if I want reach my goal I can’t eat junk food a lot. I am not saying don’t eat junk food at all because you want to explore new things but just eat a normal plenty of junk food.

So don’t be afraid of food here. It is awesome and I love it! But think ahead and just as much as is good for your health. Second thing which is important is that you are supposed to do here any activity! It gives you passion, happiness, friends and awesome feeling! And this is not just in US. It is same case like in Europe.

What might help you is a good question every evening before you go to bed. ,,Am I doing for my health maximum?” If you say yes you are ok! But if not, something is wrong and another simple question: WHY am I not doing maximum for my health?”

Love food, live healthy and have fun in your free time (not at home watching Tv or Instagram).

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