What was my biggest adventure during the summer holidays?

  • First day in US
  • My family
  • Farms everywhere
  • How I got lost

So when I woke on Saturday, I realized that this is going to be my new home for one year! I was really surprised how big is my bedroom is. I must say that this bedroom is much better and more beautiful than mine in Czech republic. Another surprise came when I spotted some pictures on my wall, there are pictures of my favorite idols such as Marco Reus, Brie Fontaine and others. Wow, big thumb up!

,,Bob, I am gonna outside. Yeah, sure but be careful it’s very humid!” Oh well, I have never heard as well as felt word humid. When I came out, it was quite hot however not something terrible. After that I started to run, after few minutes I looked like a red tomato and I couldn’t breath at all. My host dad Bob went out as well and he saw, he started to laugh. ,,I told you, that is really humid here”. Now I realized that my soccer practice is going to be in 2 days and I can just run for a few minutes.

,,Ludek, be ready in 40 minutes because we are going to cottage” No doubt that this message made my day. I had packed my stuff to cottage and we started our journey to Julie’s parents cottage.

,,Oh, take a look at that bus! What?” Something like this looked my first meeting with my school bus in US however my parents weren’t as excited as me, still don’t know why 😂.

During the journey I spotted that here are lots of farms and corn fields. My host parents told me that it is usual and especially for state Michigan where they live. All farms are red with white roof. What I like are wooden fences around them.

American flags are everywhere. Bob told me that American are really patriotic and especially in Grand Rapid where are flags almost by the every house. He has even seen a flag which had 10 meters to length.

When we finally arrived I have met my host mum’s parents who were so amiable! I must say that everybody who I have met so far told me that it is nice to have me here. So rule no. 2: ,,be nice to anybody you come across!”. I spotted that whenever I saw anybody I tried to find something wrong on him. Or first thing which I paid attention to was bad. For example imagine that you see a beautiful girl who unfortunately lost part of her left leg. First thing which most people see is that she doesn’t have a leg. I had and still sometimes have this problem however now I am trying to find a positive feature. For example she got nice blue eyes… Try it, you will see that life is not so bad as seems to be! I mean, just don’t think negative. Be positive in every situation! I know that it sounds crazy but it is possible. Just change your mind and you will see that in a while you can help to your friends to do the same thing!

When I actually saw this way (which is above this article), I realized that it is a great example of life. What can you say about this way? Does it seem to you as a way where thousands of people are daily walking? Or is it a way where just walk a few people per 10 years? I guess that the second will say most of you. Why do I ask you? Because same situation is in the real life. I am gonna write about it here.

,,Let’s go to the lake! Yeaah!” We came to the lake and I suddenly fell in love with this outstanding place! It was partly cloudy and there were big waves. I have never been happy as well as long in the water because of this awesome waves! It was moment when I was thinking like, ok, I must take my parents on this awesome place too….

This pic was taken in the evening and trust me, it was breathtaking view! What is awesome that you can’t see the coast which is on the other side of lake. So if you hate sold water and you like new things, this your opportunity!

You just can just sit down and watching sunset or just read a book…

So here you see how the coast looked like. Along the coast there were awesome cottages which are pretty expensive to buy. No doubt who doesn’t want to a cottage on this place…

And here is finally view from our garden. Outstanding, isn’t it?

Sun goes down… I can’t describe how great it was! I wish you to go to this place because it is something totally different from what I have ever seen!

So my first day in US ended and next day (Sunday) was coming. When I woke up on Sunday I felt powerful! I did some exercise and after that I started my 30 minutes run. Actually afterward it was 55 minutes. I am disappointed that I didn’t a phone with me because after first 1 km I was feeling like I am in a dream. The nature around Lake Michigan is awesomely awesome! I was running along a road and I saw for example squirts. What made me surprised were houses along the road. They are all so nice however different from European style. When I am saying nice I mean that they are pretty similar with houses in films. They usually have one stair, American flag, in front of a house there is a smooth green grass and also usually Chevrolet or Ford.

I was finally running 15 minutes so turned back. When I took a look at my watches after another 15 minutes I was getting more and more confused. It was maybe because I was totally exhausted, actually it was humid again… so you can imagine how I looked…I made a decision that I will keep running… that was huge mistake… after another 10 minutes I realized that I missed my house and it was probably in that place where I made that ,,smart” decision. So I turned back and fortunately I found our cottage… To be honest, it was awesome feeling! At the end I didn’t run 30 minutes as I expected however I run 50 minutes…

Do you think that I teach from this situation sth.? No. In 2 days I got lost again 😂 I just missed one turn…

What made my day were pancakes with maple sirup which were awesomely awesome! I have never eaten something so tasty before… On the other hand I have never had breakfast with so many calories. And this is big problem here. About this topic I am writing here.

Last thing what I want to say that I am so grateful to both my families, because my parents in Czech Republic gave this awesome chance and my host parents showed me this outstanding place. I really appreciate it! Good bye and have awesome life!

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