Why your friends matters on way to your goals?

I am not a person who loves everybody. I will be honest, I don’t like people who act stupid and threat other people.

Maybe it is because of I know that feeling when you are not popular in your team/school and there are some guys who are not just the brightest and try to ruin your self confidence. Try to make you feel that you suck.

I still remember. You just can’t forget. But I am not gonna be crybaby and complain how hard life is.

I wanna tell you what this bad experience gave me.

The older I am, the more I am realizing that your friends matter.

I have lots of friends. Some of them are my friends just when they need something. I don’t mean those kinds of friends. I mean friends who are able to support you.

Do you have those kinds of friends? Ask yourself. When I have idea, do they support it? Do they come up with way how to make my idea happen? Can I even tell them my idea?

After I answered all those questions I realized that there are not lots of friends of mine who can do it all. But there are lots of them who can do at least part of it. And when you connect all parts of puzzle, you usually get image. Solution. Way.

It is silly that I realized this after almost 18 years in US. But that’s the reason why I am telling you this now, I can help you!

Lots of people are asking me where I get lots of energy. My simple question is that it is because of people around me. Especially because of people who are better than me.

Trust me or not. Those people are most important people in our lives. Those people are our biggest rivals as well as best friends. You need these people to success.

I will tell you one simple thing which changed my life. I always want to go up. For example school. I started in my small village and where I am now in big city. (Actually again in small village but in US).

Did it help me? No doubt. Why? Because I meet people who are much better than me. So when I felt enough self confidence I moved up and started from the bottom again.

Another example from my life: I remember school races in running. You could call me “always second”. My best friend Dan was and is still better than me in running but I was trying to chase him every single run. What I got? I got best friend, rivals, passion for running and another motivation (I don’t know person who is working harder than he).

There are lots of people in our lives and they will always matter. As I wrote there are all kinds of friends and that’s OK. You can hate them, you can love them. But what you have to is to appreciate that they are in your life. Remember that they are your energy!

Sometimes it is positive, sometimes it is negative. It just matters on you. Whenever I was positive, my friends around me were positive too and gave me positive things. Vice versa.

We are young. We have awesome opportunities. Let’s be friendly and opened to meet new friends because people around you matter!

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