Will your language get way better after few months in abroad?

It has been a while I posted my last article. I was kinda thinking what can be the best topic to write about and then I came up with idea that I should mention my language process. Especially my mistakes which are always connected with funny moments.

First thing what I want you guys encourage is using your language wherever and whenever you can. I am pretty sure you have heard this advice many times, but honestly, do you do so?

If Yes, good for you, keep improving!

If No, where is the problem? Are you too ashamed? You don’t feel enough self confident? Your accent is not perfect?

I will tell you something. All those things are just stupid excuses. I know that for some of you, it will be rough challenge because you are not the most opened person in the world however I firmly believe that everybody has an ability to at least try.

I will honestly tell you that first month in totally new country was awesome as well as tough because of language.

For instance, have you ever heard words like party pooper, dirty dog, pressure cooker? No? Me. Neither. Those are just examples of teenage’s language here.

So imagine that they are telling you that you are a dirty dog and you can just smile on them because you have no idea “wha te heg” it means.

Don’t try to google it. It is a slang for a guy whose behavior is dirty.

Three months already in the greatest county in the world, “Meeerica”, and guess what happened to me?

I went to The Rock (restaurant) and I was supposed to say to a cook what food I want to put on my plate. He asked me ordinary question: “What’s up?”

My answer was: “What’s up!”

According his face mimic I realized that it was not an answer he expected. (He expected me to tell him what kind of food I want to put on my plate).

Did I feel embarrassed? A little while but then I didn’t really care. Who would care if you are in The Rock and there is a tun of food around you!

My American friends can tell you whole bunch of stories about don’t understanding me at all. Mainly because of my accent and pronunciation.

But you know what? Despite all these embarrassing situations I am still alive, I still have some friends and now I even feel more self confident at speaking, generally at everything.

I can’t even describe how thankful I am to my American friends for their patience with me.

I think that most of Europeans think that their accent is awful and bla, bla,… But the truth is that Americans will love your “weird” accent. They will even tell you that.

So no worry, if you forget any word in the middle of the conversation (yeah, that happened to me too), because your friends will help you out!

Still curious about life in America and how I as an exchange student see the world here?

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