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Готова поспорить, что работа с иностранными заказчиками у многих наших дизайнеров в приоритете. Почему?

Среднестатистический иностранный заказчик-он же UX персона готов оплачивать ваш труд по справедливому на ваш взгляд рейту, будет вежлив в общении и не напишет вам такой знакомый запрос “мне нужен макет на завтра, на утро”. В конце концов, это просто более престижно (но еще престижней работать где-то в Берлине и Сан-Франциско, конечно же).

В этой статье я решила сравнить особенности работы с “нашими” и иностранными заказчиками, основываясь на своем опыте и опыте моих коллег. …

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When I was a child I was dreaming to learn how to play the piano. But as I also loved to draw it was decided to be my main direction and no piano classes were included. All I had was a broad collection of classic music to listen to and the encyclopedia on music where I read about famous composers. Skipping the following years of studies and self-discovery, now I’m a designer. And recently I was asked to work on the app dedicated to piano learning. Can you imagine what I felt about it?

Of course, I was more than happy to dive into this adventure. …

And the clients who are not your “match”.

Table, lamp, and the architect’s material next to the window
Table, lamp, and the architect’s material next to the window
Alvar Aalto’s workstation in his home in Helsinki

Recently, I revised my 2 years of freelance experience and realized I am really lucky with the clients and the projects we worked on together. Except for one recent case.

This undisclosed yet project has started more than a month ago. The work process, in the beginning, seemed to be easy and pleasant but turned out to multiple “we don’t like” feedbacks, doubts from my side, finally a mutual understanding, and sudden “we will not continue our work with you” following with “we won’t pay you for the work we won’t use”.

While it’s not clear how this situation will end, after all, I asked myself a question—how could I avoid this situation. …

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In this story, I want to tell you about the designers whose works, in any possible way, influenced me and my path to become a designer I am. I know, you might expect to see here the list of names like Dieter Rams, Paul Rand, and Jony Ive. But I thought I’ll dive deeper and find the ones who aren’t on the surface. Let’s get it started.

Ole Kirk Christiansen

Who’s that, you might ask. Well, I also can’t remember his name but the invention he created is more than known in the whole world—Lego.

These bright bricks are a great toy to play with but it also makes you invent, turn on your logic, experiment with shapes, and see it all in real 3D life. As the design term is defined by both look and function, for me, Lego was one of the first steps in learning the functionality of the world around. …

What features can be improved and which ones I find super useful

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My relationships with the Medium platform have started back in 2013 same time I started my journey into UX/UI design. I was told it’s a platform every designer should read especially since other designers share stories there.

Could I imagine I’d evet start writing myself? Nope, not at all. But in 2018 I made the first step and turned out, I fell in love with this process. What I’ve also noticed through these last 1,5 years are certain details, particularly in UX of the service, that I think can be improved.

How about a few updates?

1. I can’t see what editors have changed in my story

Yes, there’s a revision history but it doesn’t showcase or highlight the parts of the text that was changed. …

How to keep track of your expenses if you haven’t won in Vegas.

If you have, that’s fine, it still works.

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You know what’s the first thing that happens to you when you switch to freelance work mode after also spending a month vacation? You start to keep track of your expenses and savings. And turned out, I couldn’t find a proper app corresponding to my needs so I decided to create one. At least, as a concept.

The Problem

I used the banking apps and while some of them have decent usability and showcase all the states divided into categories per month, that’s still specific information of the one bank account only, not all of them together. …

What I’ve learned as a designer and a traveler visiting a new continent for the first time

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Buenos Aires inspired me to draw this picture

At the end of 2019, I started my trip to South America. That was the first time I arrived on this continent. During my stay I’ve got a wide range of impressions in many spheres and, as a designer, I’ve noticed certain features that make this continent unique especially from a visual part.

How long did I plan my trip? Less than a month. Though it was a sudden solution based on a very good deal for a 12-hour transatlantic flight, there was one more reason why I decided to jump into this adventure.

I Have a Dream

Did you ever want to visit a certain place since your childhood? Some may dream about Disneyland, others are inspired by the movies and would like to visit New York at Christmas time like Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone”. …

How I stay inspired in uncertain times being at home

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The artwork I created after visiting Vietnam

Last year I’ve been to 27 countries. Period.

This year has started being on a trip in South America, spending some time in Europe after, and even hop in the last call to visit Vietnam with the layover in Qatar until it all has started.

Around 2 months of lockdown and looks like we’re starting to forget what travel-related words mean. Last-minute package, cash back on travel, airline discount club, priority boarding. Will it all exist in the nearest future?

I hope it will, nevertheless the most common phrase we meet these days is “the world will never be the same again”. …

Emotion in design. Why most popular services get rebranding with playful and fun elements. What’s the secret sauce of this approach?

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HappyX app

Have you ever thought what stand behind UX flows we create? How a different corner radius can change the perception of the elements in the app. How color adds an emotion we designers embed into DNA. Why even the most popular services update their design adding more fun feeling.

I’d like to share my thoughts with you today but first, let’s play a game.

Quiz time🎉

Here’s the task: in each pair, choose the album you like the most.

Rhombus for Kanye, circle for Dua Lipa. Your choice?

The importance of clear navigation. How one revolutionary solution has changed the world of design and the ways navigation becomes universal.

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A few months ago I was in Vienna. That was my fifth time in this city and nothing should have gone wrong. But on my way back to the airport I had an unexpected situation.

I was at the large Wien Mitte station and started to look at where to buy the ticket to the airport. There was a pictogram in the navigation panel above — a white plane on the green background. That’s what I need!

I took this direction and soon realized it leads to a different transport line. The journey takes less time but the price is higher compared to the national carrier. That wasn’t what I planned and I decided to continue searching for my initial goal. …


Ludmila Shevchenko

Designer & illustrator. Color lover. Globetrotter.

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