I’m noticing 3 trends among all the people criticizing this article.
Brandon T Springer

  1. shows you an elitist jerk.
  2. In lots of countries it is illegal to fire some one without first giving him a warning that he broke his contract, so basically he needs to fail 2 times before it becomes legal to fire him. And if you are “let go” you normally get a fat check with that, more then a years salary.
  3. Unlucky for you graduating in a tough economy. If we where all small companies then yes lots of small contracts here and there is fine. But look at massive companies especially when it comes to fortune 500 companies or anything with over 50 employees. It is impossible to contract all your jobs out on a regular basis. You will still need accountants to manage your funds and you definitely don't want to contract that kind of stuff out. Also you need programmers to maintain your code base. The productivity when you get a coder who has to go through 80 million lines of code that he has never seen and try and fix a bug, you would be stupid to get different coders to maintain and upgrade the code base.

People can live with part time jobs. But for the real business world there will always be full time jobs. People who think the world is going to change to have no more 40 hour work weeks are very narrow minded in their own work environment.

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