Wake up. Bernie was not “cheated.”
Sasha Stone

What do you call the Chair of the DNC leaking town hall debate questions to the Clinton Campaign? If you said anything other than CHEATING, then you are no better than Kellyanne Conway with her “alternative facts.” The DNC colluded behind closed doors to fabricate and push a false narrative against Bernie Sanders. It’s all there in the emails. David Brock has publicly apologized for his part in it (now that he needs Bernie supporters on his side). You are living a delusion. You are trying to scapegoat in order to avoid any kind of reflection, accountability, or criticism. You’re frantically grasping at straws, sinking deeper into your “safe place” where you have no accountability. You’re trying to take everybody else with you, writing garbage like this… but while you’re drowning in your own indignation, the Democratic Party is changing and leaving you behind.