The Coin That Won’t Make You Rich

Cryptos are all the rage. You can find them on all the news and social media everywhere! Online; offline; in the streets! Even my 92 year old grandmother has heard of them! You can start with really small amount and potentially see your investment grow 1000’s of percents in a short amount of time. It’s crazy! Just look at all the new bitcoin “millionaires”. No wonder so many startups have been taking advantage of all the hype. And all of them promise you one thing — to be the next bitcoin. That’s their goal. And it’s your hope. Because many of us can often be heard saying, if only I’d invested in bitcoin in the beginning…

But let’s walk back to reality for a minute. The truth is that very few companies ever make it big. Look at the statistics of venture capitalists — people whose job it is to know how to separate the good startups from the bad startups. Those numbers? Hold on to your seats because they’re scary. 75% of startups just absolutely fail and the money invested goes down the drain. Another 20% either survive without going big or get bought out at a loss. And only 5% make it to the IPO stage — and then some make it and some don’t. And 100% of them were backed by people who spend their entire day analyzing companies just like them. What chance do you and I have to succeed when VC’s have such abysmal numbers as is. Can you afford to take such a risk with your hard earned money?

And with ICOs there is no long due diligence process like VCs have, even if you want to. Because it’s not based on getting a few people to write big checks, rather its based on many, many, many people investing small amounts.

On the one hand this opens the door to the general population to invest in startups which they couldn’t do before. On the other hand it also opens the door for many people to put their hard earned money into schemes that are less than profitable at best and downright not honorable at worst — and yes, I’m using delicate terms.

An additional consideration with ICOs is the problem of pump and dump schemes which can happen with the smaller coins and can have devastating effects on your investment.

Are you still here or have you decided to give up on ICOs?

Before you give up, I want to introduce you to another option.

Our ICO will not make you rich. If that is your goal you should go elsewhere and let me wish you incredible luck with that because you will most definitely need it if you want to hit the lucky jackpot — just remember the numbers aren’t in your favor. Preferably you should invest in every single ICO in the hopes that you hit the jackpot on one of them. The Kela ICO should not be on that list because, again, we will not make you rich.

We do have an amazing, industry changing project. We do have the expertise to build it and bring it to the market. But let’s focus on the immediate benefits of the Kela coin for you.

So what does our coin offer you that’s different from the rest?

Stability and security.

Let’s start with stability. During the ICO, the price will be fixed. We want you to be able to buy into the coin without having to worry about timing it perfectly. Just logon, buy some coins and voila, you’re in. Once the ICO is over, the price of the coin will be pegged to the IDXUSD — the tradable diamond index developed by our parent company, Live Rates Feeds. This means that even once it is freely traded, the price is still stable because it’s connected to diamonds. You won’t see huge surges in price and then even bigger drops like a rollercoaster. There can be no pump and dump. Because the price is stable.

Now on to the second point — security. When we say security, we mean security of your funds. Security is achieved by purchasing diamonds via our network. The value of the diamonds purchased will be worth the amount raised by the ICO. So for every dollar raised, there will be one dollar’s worth of diamonds. These diamonds will be kept in an extremely secure location and their purpose will be purely to act as a security for your funds should the unforeseen happen.

Admit it — it sounds amazing! Go to for more info and be amazed.