Death to the Stock Photo

Disclaimer: this article is not about digital piracy.

As a person and as a professional I really like the digital nomad philosophy. The idea to go wherever you want, travel the world and at the same time do your job from wherever you want is really attractive and a lot of people are really enjoying doing it.

It is very normal today for a digital nomad to travel in 10–15 different countries in a year while working and spend time in different environments while visiting the world, participating in the social life of those countries and not just like a…

See how two guys turned their passion in their dream job.

Masters of Doom is a well written book and an inspirational story about how two young and talented software developers turned their passion for games development to a millionaire business and a technology success. The book is related to the story of the young and talented John Carmack and John Romero, founders of id Software, that in the latest eighties and in the nineties developed and produced together some of the most popular video games hits in the computer era.

The book is a very nice read and is…

Paolo Antonio Rossi

Startup Founder and Digital Entrepreneur. Translating product vision and business requirements into real products.

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