How to Get Wisdom For Free in Accra

Last week I got a bit wiser, but it came with a price. Well, not exactly, because I got it for free. News flash! Wisdom is being sold in Accra for 1 Ghana Cedi. But let me show you how to get it for free.

So I had just gone out to buy jollof rice (Not Nigerian, Ghanaian jollof) at Padish restaurant near Cocoa Clinic, Accra. As I sat down waiting for the food, I decided to kill time by adding a filter to a selfie I had just taken.

Then I heard someone approach, I looked up and it was a man in his 50s. He greeted me and I greeted back. I could tell from his accent that he was Nigerian. He introduced himself saying he’s from the University of Ghana, Legon. In his left arm were a pile of booklets, he took one out. It was a 4 paged booklet.

He then started marketing it to me. He showed me the cover page which had a “How to Gain Wisdom” title on it. He went ahead and said it contained the secrets to wisdom and added that if I bought one I would never lack wisdom. His sales pitch was impressive, but I was too hungry at that time, and all I saw was a grumpy salesman trying to sell his booklet.

He finally concluded his pitch with, “Just 1 Ghana Cedi and you will have all the wisdom.”

I looked at him and replied, “Okay, next time.”

That was it, my impolite response touched a nerve. He looked visibly upset as he raised his voice. He then started (subconsciously) giving me nuggets of wisdom. Let me share.

  • When someone tries to sell you a product/service, listen with keenness even if you are not interested.
  • When he/she is done with the pitch and you are still not convinced just say no, thank you.
  • Throughout the whole process do not be surly.

After he was done, he turned his back and began walking away, he took 3 steps, stopped, looked at me, pointed his index finger to his head, touching his head repeatedly. He didn’t utter a word but he communicated it perfectly.

“Young man, next time use your head, use your head.”

I just stared at him blankly as he left. Well, I had gained some wisdom.

So you see, next time someone tries to sell wisdom to you, just show a tad of silliness and they will come out pouring out wisdom freely.

You don’t have to buy it for 1 Ghana Cedi, you can get it for free. My two cents.

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