Nursing Is Natural
Reshma Saujani

Breast feeding is more natural than drinking coffee in public, people should accept it. I’m the father of four, sibling to six, and I’ve been surrounded by families who had young children through out my life. Anyone that lives in a society, is.

I’ve lived for almost 20 years here in the U.S. and it still is surprising and concerning the level of “fear” and culture of not-acceptance a significant number of men and women have when women need to nurse their babies. Yet people that smoke are more accepted in some places or at the very least tolerated. A mother nursing a child is natural, it is something the majority of humanity has been through in order to grow. There should not be shame or disgust in it or towards it.

Whether this is considered inappropriate because women do it, or because looking at a woman’s exposed breast, or as a society that cannot seem to accept the fact that women have nipples just like men do, yet it is okay for men to run or workout without tops, that’s a sign of a very repressive and hypocrite, if not absurd set of rules.

As someone that was born and told that the world should be fair, that we should respect each other and accept each other while embracing each other’s differences, I am often reminded that new generations want and need a more equal world with equal opportunities, yet somehow some still believe it is okay to constrain or control others with their personal views.

I think it is a fantastic idea and a very unique opportunity to provide a nursing break and a nursing place for mothers, in the interim to make people aware that this is natural, and that it is okay to do so.

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