Ethics can’t be a side hustle
Mike Monteiro

Ever since I heard you, Mike Monteiro, speak about ethics through out your many presentations, I have made a conscientious effort to stand up for what is right in everything I do. I have worked in many projects and corporations that have opened the door to questioning if what is done is right. I resigned from my previous job because their work was intentionally leaving out their consumers and users, and were using whatever means to produce communication and messages to ‘hook’ them up, without a thorough assessment of their users’ goals, which is education in a university that cared more about the funding and money than their students. I’ve had to decline a few jobs and gig offers, even if I needed the money, because I understand that choosing to do good is the better way, even if not many see it this way. Doing good, might sometimes push you in a direction of not doing well, profits wise, but I feel it gives us hope and makes us feel positive with the every action we take. It’s to conscientiously think about our impact, and build a good and stronger today for a better future for all of us. After all, we all are in this planet together, might as well be attentive and thorough to everyone, what better way to show we take design, engineering or any other profession to heart and dedication than showing respect by rigorously study and evaluate what will be the impact and what might be the outcomes of what we do.

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