The Last Word on Helvetica?
I Love Typography

I am very late to adding my brief thoughts about this article regarding Helvetica, the haters and the followers of such typeface. However, it is a timeless critique about the design of things, and more targeted to intention in form and function. The dislike about this typeface will be no different than the ever popular over use of Gotham in the past five years; or the ocular abuse and visual insult that has occurred at the utilization of Comic Sans or Papyrus. The practiced and acutely discerning typographers will destroy Helvetica, even in its 1957 iteration because of the impurity and oversight to detail when compared to Neue Haas Grotesk. The type aficionados will perhaps cheer for Helvetica and debate the connoisseurs. The rest of the novice designers and unschooled typographers, which make now the majority of graphic and visual designers, will be left wondering what is the big fuzz all about over an old typeface while they download their fonts and glyphs by the thousands from dafont, Google Fonts, and at best from Font Squirrel. So many options, so many lines and curves have left us pounding our heads about what fonts or typefaces to use, instead of refining and curating the message we want to convey, to then carefully select the right shapes that will intentionally empower such idea in the most minimal number of traces.

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