Thank you for comparing &contrasting these topics.
Vince Lauffer

Hi Vince,

I’m glad this helped you grow interest in UX, which I can tell you is a challenging but also rewarding career path.

In my opinion, the best way to get involved in UX is to build a UX portfolio. This can be achieved through education and by working on real projects.

Although some people think it’s not necessary, I’ve come to believe a well built UX portfolio is a powerful tool to prove your abilities. And I know building a UX portfolio from scratch can sound intimidating (been there), but this should be your short to mid-term goal since it’s a super effective way to get noticed by employers interested in hiring UXers. Now you may be wondering, “how can I build a UX portfolio with no experience?” Well, many UXers (including myself) are the living proof that there is a way.

Okay, education. Educating yourself in UX is the only way to build yourself a strong career path and be taken seriously. This applies to any other career path. And I don’t necessarily mean university degrees (which I highly recommend if you have the opportunity to study one), since 65% of enterprise designers are self-taught, but I do mean reading recommended references, taking reputable online courses, and follow updates from well seasoned UX blogging sites.

If you are an avid and fast reader, you may want to check out this through list of UX references.

Hope this helps and welcome to the fascinating world of User Experience.

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