It ain’t gonna be a sad story.

It ain’t gonna be a coaching exercise.

It’s gonna be a simple observation.

I work with #NoOffice space. I tend to work at home, at the coffee shop or in a nearby park. You may pass me by on your way to school or to work - eventually, I’m just another guy with a laptop and the headphones on.

Working this way has it’s bright and dark sides, but listening to the noise of the coffee shop have that one advantage that nothing else can provide.

People. People talking. People sharing.

Stop working. Close your eyes. Stop the music. Listen to the noise. Don’t eavesdrop. Hear the noise and wait. Something will stand out of the words-crowded air. Something that somebody sitting next to you has been waiting for for so long.

And I cannot thing about anything that can switch my “Faith in Humanity: Restored” button as this moment, when I overhear a long-awaited “I’m so sorry” or just overdue “Thank you” just a few tables away.

This is something that always stands out from the buzz. Something really emphasized. Told in both bold and italics.

This is the full stop that ends the pain. Pain of waiting for apology, pain of being afraid to apologize. Something that brings forgiveness, peace and hardens or restores one’s integrity.

Thank you, my perfect strangers. You make me calm.

This blog post has appeared first at Coaching.Ninja

Executive Coach and Public Speaker. Honorary citizen of New Britain, CT. Daytona 675 racer.

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