Loss and grief as a journey, a being and an act for life.

“Grandma how do you deal with pain?” She answers, “With your hands, dear. When you do it with your mind, the pain hardens even more.”

“With your hands, grandma?”

“Yes, yes. Our hands are the antennas of our soul. When you move them by sewing, cooking, painting, touching the earth or sinking it into the earth, they send signals of caring to the deepest part of you and your soul calms down.” ~ Elena Barnabé from (source)

In these times of crisis, a lot gets shaken up…

5 personal practices as hosts, facilitators and leaders.


Dedicated attention to a personal and ongoing practice is more of a necessity than a luxury in these times of navigating unprecedented changes. In this blog, we share a 5-fold approach to personal care in order to nourish our inner wellsprings and maintain a sense of groundedness and calm during these times.

As agents of social change, our daily practices may look different from one another and also day to day for ourselves. These five areas emerged through our own personal experiences, as well as from witnessing clients, colleagues and partners working within the social and systemic change sector. …

How to host spaces — online and in person — that are meaningful, nurturing and supportive.

photo by Andrew Bui, Unsplash

With the shift from in-person to online interactions, as hosts, facilitators and coaches we are called to create artfully-woven intimate spaces to hold and process intense feelings and thoughts that are emerging on an individual and collective level.

This blog highlights how to create trust-filled, brave and authentic spaces for online gatherings, retreats and meetings. We focus on creating spaces that invite honesty, vulnerability and the whole self to be present in order to create a deeper sense of connection. To do this, we also focus on the inner conditions for meaningful convenings. …

Image by Nancy Zam

In a short time, life has dramatically changed. Will we go back to the way things were or is this a #newnormal? We have entered into the unknown. Uncertainty is omnipresent. No one knows how things will turn out.

In times of crisis, it’s essential to know how to find our center and come to a point of stillness. This is especially true when there is a great charge running through a system or where there are a lot of changes happening at once. On many levels, as a collective we are being asked to stop, slow down and rest.

How well we care for ourselves individually corresponds to our ability to stay centered and respond appropriately to any given situation. The same is true for our collective health and well being, which is a composite of the quality of relationships in a community, the courage and presence of its members to stay with what is, and the resilience to respond in a way that’s serving each person and all together. This blog offers 5 essential elements to strengthen our collective immune system and care for one another in these times.

Collective artistry for the social change and innovation sector


Imagine coming into a symphony hall as the lights fade and silence settles in. You hold your breath. Out of nothingness the first voices appear. Then silence again. The singers take a breath — inhale — and then a wave of sound unfolds. This soundscape embraces you, envelops you, cracks you open. You have dived into a field of coherence.

Coherence doesn’t only happen with music. One of the places I’ve experienced coherence is with the organisation, NILE Journeys (NILE stands for Nurturing Impulses for Living Ecosystems). This group’s intention is…

Core Assumptions Behind our Work

Collective Transitions is bringing the tools of the subtle and nature-based wisdom traditions into the world of systemic change, social innovation, and business. As an action research and learning hub, we are refining and developing new methods for groups, networks and facilitators to navigate societal shifts, both as individuals and collectives. We offer a space where groups can focus on the how of social transformation work, rather than only the who, what, or why.

We launched in October 2019.

When people started to ask us about what we do and why, we noticed that we…

Luea Ritter

Steward, host, action researcher, focused on transformative practices, healing, complexity, coherence, connection with the natural world & the subtle

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