To Serve Justice with a Badge, or with a Hood? (No Spoilers)

On its debut in October 2019, no one could have predicted how this show’s themes would force their way dead-center into 2020’s political zeitgeist.

Heated debates over facemasks? Nationwide protest over police abuses? The eyes of the world focused on Tulsa, Oklahoma? Watchmen has it all, and more (billionaires launching space rockets!). The deepest theme, though, is that buried injustice cannot remain suppressed forever. Racial trauma lives on in one form or another, and eventually gets a reckoning one way or another.

Let’s talk about masks and other head coverings.

Watchmen’s theme of masks (cops) and hoods (KKK) links the…

Racist violence is ever-present in our history, but the self-expressed motivations for current racist violence are changing. White terrorists are abandoning white supremacy, and embracing a narrative of global white victimhood and inferiority, but “white” can never be a nation in the way its proponents, from intellectuals to mass shooters, imagine.

White Nationalism without Supremacy: Why It Motivates Violence

Let’s start with the term “white nationalist”. Until recently I was against using it, seeing it as a dangerous rebranding that legitimized white supremacists, making them sound more mainstream and less taboo.

While there’s something to this argument, the recent white…

Adam Luedtke

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