The City of Austin’s Office of Design and Delivery’s Service Design Lab addresses and tackles problems such as the community gardens permit process and community building. The lab consults with city employees and the public on how to digitize services to best meet community needs, wants, and concerns.

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Community gardens are -and have always been- about much more than food.

Community gardens’ popularity in America have ebbed and flowed relative to a particular era’s socioeconomic challenges. Gardening was a patriotic act during World War I when “wartime gardens” increased food exports to supplement food shortages in Europe; gardens were a platform for racial justice among African Americans; and before the end of the second world war, gardening boosted morale when 18–20 million families’ gardens reportedly yielded 40% of Americans’ vegetables. …


C Luedtke

Service Designer & User Researcher City of Austin / Office of Design & Delivery

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