And how I nailed it

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How many times have you made a New Year resolution like picking up a new hobby, or hitting the gym? And how long (or short, :P) have you stuck to it? I had the same apprehensions before starting the 100-day challenge. But I made it. And here’s my story.

Winter 2019 was the last quarter of my Master's program at Univ. of Washington. Having only one course in this quarter, I had ample time and thought of doing a side project — 100 Day Design Challenge. …

The traps I fell into during the 3-month internship

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I first heard the word UX design a year and a month ago. I decided to see it as my career 7 months ago. I got my first intern job as a UX designer at Alibaba, one of the largest Chinese e-commerce companies, 4 months ago.

As soon as I commenced my first internship, I was bemused to see everything in the real ‘corporate’ world being so different from what I had learned in the classroom.

Alibaba is a perfect playground for a UX newbie to explore how user experience design is implemented in the real industry. At Alibaba, I was able to experience various kinds of projects I desired. Special thanks to my leader who went out of her way to make sure me getting the most out of the internship. …


Fan Lu

UX designer, Graduate student @UW, Bubble tea addict, Traveler, City wanderer.

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