A Letter to ROLVe

A rebuttal:

Although what ROLVe is doing may be considered morally wrong, it doesn’t go against the law.

To usage of VALVe assets: The assets are not being sold, or part of a game being sold using currency of any kind, therefore not violating the law.

To similar skins: It’s not a crime to have a skin look similar or inspired by another skin… maybe not fond of in the artistic world but not a violation of the law considering there not exact or very close to exact copies.

To selling of skins: ROLVe is selling skins, therefore making a profit.. case closed? No. The product they are selling are only the texture of the skin, which is made by the community, and are legitimate and non-illegal textures.

To the trading pass: If you had read the little note in your screenshot, you’d notice you don’t even need to pay 50 robux to trade (skins in which I’ve already pointed out to be perfectly legitimate), and instead could just play for 5 hours. This is not an effort to make money, but to keep scammers with a alternate accounts out, similar to having to be rank 2 to do MM in CS:GO.

Most of your insults seem to be targeting the integrity of the developers, yet one of the messages was a joke between the developers.. which you probably would’ve noticed if you had put effort towards the article.

“Did not give credit to any of the makers” They do in their discord, and the makers submit their skins and are given a special ‘chosen’ skin, so although they get no publicity they made the skin towards the purpose of it getting it in game (There’s actually a thriving skin making community for CB:RO).

You stray a lot from the argument throughout the passage, for example, you go from trying to point out the legality of their position then quickly switch to them talking to an old dev which is unrelated (ironically you show their credit literally in that screenshot).

On the cost the game is to VALVe, I believe your HIGHLY overestimating it. Imagine this, your a parent of a 8–14 year old who monitors their spending, would you let them spend money on CS:GO? I doubt it. Would you let them spend their money on a ROBLOX game? Much more likely. It doesn’t translate dollar for dollar because they simply aren’t the same game and are on completely differently platforms and have different audiences.

I red another article of yours, and it was just as much as a jab for attention then to get a statement through, unsurprising coming from a writer who’s focus’s on exposing things in a game target ted towards children..

Even if what they are doing was illegal I’m sure VALVe wouldn’t act upon it, there a billion dollar company, ROLVe is a company that’s made a couple grand in it’s existence.

Rebuttal to Rebuttal of my Rebuttal (editted in)

‘They’re making money with their assets, period.’

Except that’s not exactly how law works. The only purchases in game access you to: An area to trade community made assets, or get access to the use of community made assets. I have, though, found a flaw in this. The only legal ground VALVe could have on ROLVe is the default knives, which of my knowledge ARE Valve assets. I am currently contacting ROLVe about this issue, and I believe their smartest move could be to get a large skin maker in the community to redo them with their own style, so they aren’t selling VALVe assets.

I do, however, appreciate your response.

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