Intelligent Cloud Service Makes Alarm Notification Smarter

Limited time offer! You will receive 1 month Standard Cloud Service when you purchase 3 months Intelligent Cloud Service, and receive 2 months Standard Cloud Service when you purchase 6 months Intelligent Cloud Service, receive 4 months Standard Cloud Service when you purchase 12 months Intelligent Cloud Service.

After Intelligent Cloud Service was introduced in this September, our users just love it, especially the features of Human Detection and Face Recognition. Those new features are based on AI deep learning technologies, can be used to distinguish family members and strangers in the video. Human detection can provide more accurate alarm notification, and with animated GIF images of alarmed video, and you can choose to be notified by SMS with most reliability.

Intelligent Cloud Service is a big jump upgrade from Standard Cloud Service. Accuracy of alarm notification is greatly improved when enable human detection, solved the notorious false alarm problem of traditional motion detection caused by lighting variations. Now, the alarm detection functions only care about human, whether a stranger or your familiar person comes into your home. In the end, those are the information that really matters to your home security.

Buy now to get the rewards! More accurate notification with animated images. Your home deserves a much smarter protection!