Has it occurred to you that the people who most lament the election of President Trump are responsible, not only for his ascent, but also for his very existence?

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I’m not speaking here of the liberal elites with their lofty ideals of diversity, integration and multiculturalism, and their flagrant disconnect from more down to earth considerations. No, I’m pointing fingers at the corporate elites, on both sides of the aisle, who allowed the world to evolve into one where Trump could thrive.

But let’s backtrack. Eight years ago, Mitt Romney was fighting for Republican nomination when an opponent accused him of speaking French. As a French-Canadian, this stuck a nerve. What is wrong with speaking French? Or any other second language, for that matter? The opponent wanted to make Romney seem un-American. Had being educated become un-American? Granted, Americans, more than most electorates of the world, want their Presidents to be ordinary men (cue in the photo-op of candidates eating hoagies), although it used to be “just like us, only better”. …

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“Be brave. Remember, you are a soldier first, a surgeon second.”

“I’ll be sure to remember that if I ever come across you on my operating table.”

My Colonel growls. I am the youngest surgeon, the only unmarried man, I must volunteer for the ambulatory medical units.

I wish I had the courage to say no… but I have exhausted what little I possess with that flippant remark.

On June 1st 1944, I embark on a ship in Tilbury. …

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The lawyer’s arguments danced a merry gig on the document.

Anubis, Jackal-god, Ultimate Guide of Mortal Souls, Vice-President in charge of the Afterlife Department, was well aware of the overcrowding in the purgatories. But to let a fiend of this magnitude reincarnate after only two thirds of his penance rubbed him the wrong way.

He let his gaze wander over the sandy walls of the room while playing a tattoo on his alabaster desk. At least the swine would be reborn as a platypus. Anubis signed the release.

His door crashed open. …

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