Comparing Luggie to other portable Mobility Scooter’s!

When you’re looking to buy a mobility scooter for you or a loved one, it can feel like a minefield and it’s hard to decide which is going to be the best Mobility Scooter for sale! The Luggie really is “The choice of Champions” pictured is Paralympian Leigh Walmsley collecting her Luggie for her travel abroad.

When it comes to comparing Luggie to other electric portable mobility scooters there are particular questions that need to be answered and I thought I’d list a few points to help streamline the process.

Is it light weight?

The Luggie weighs 23.5 kg excluding battery, which is very light weight compared to many others on the market. It’s unique half fold configuration allows the user to make good use of the leverage when loading into the car boot, etc.

Is it foldable do you need to dismantle parts for transportation?

Luggie is foldable and its take 30 seconds to fold up/down. This is really important because when travelling as you need things to be simple. The last thing you want is to be fiddling around trying to put parts back together. You’ll find that most other brands have to be dismantled and put back together.

Is it compact and highly portable when fully folded?

Luggie can be pulled along like a travel suitcase, when fully folded and on transport wheels. Length fully folded is 66cm, width 46cm.

Do you have a platform to place your feet?

Luggie has the same type of foot platform you’d expect from bigger mobility scooters.

Are armrests available?

Armrests come with Luggie Super & Elite and are an optional extra for Standard Luggie and Eco Luggie.

Does the scooter reverse? All Luggie models have a reverse function, it also boasts a tight turning ratio so is great to navigate small areas.

Big comfortable seat? Yes — plus 5 positions for the handlebar stem so you can position it to be closer or away from the body. This ensures correct seating posture. Note many portables on the market have fixed tillers that can’t be moved. Luggie folding mobility scooter also has two positions for seat height.

What’s great about Luggie is their reputation in making their product accessible to anyone in the UK and they are happy to provide home demonstrations which allow you to try before you buy and see just how easy this Travel scooter can be Folded and stowed in the boot of a car or the hold on a plane.

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