Lugh Integrates Moonpay On-Ramp Platform

We are thrilled to announce that EURL has been listed on Moonpay and is now available for purchases

3 min readSep 2, 2022


Moonpay is the leading on-ramp platform which allows customers to purchase crypto with traditional payment methods including Visa and MasterCard, debit/credit cards and bank transfers. Moonpay has over 10million users and is one of the fastest growing companies in the web3 sector. They have recently closed a major funding round, for 555 million and a total valuation of $3.4 billion.

This new listing will allow and ease the integration of EURL on NFT and gaming platforms, but also for exchanges and DeFi applications.

You can buy EURL and receive it on your Ethereum wallet (Ledger, Metamask, Fireblocks) or on your Tezos wallet (Temple, Kukai, Airgap)

At the time of the great democratization of NFTs, stablecoins could play a major role in onboarding new customers. Currently, to buy NFTs you need to own volatile crypto currencies like ETH or XTZ. This can cause various problems for both buyers and artists due to volatility. Outside the crypto world, many people don’t want to buy volatile assets. Therefore, using stablecoins is much easier because it allows them to use crypto without being exposed. Thus, they will be much more willing to buy assets like NFTs. So now, let’s implement EURL on all NFT and gaming platforms and grow our ecosystem !

Let’s see how you can get EURL on Moonpay:

  • Then select EURL (Tezos or Ethereum) and set the amount of EURL you want to buy
  • Enter your private information to set up your account
  • After the verification is ok and account setup, you can proceed to payment
  • Just wait for few minutes and you will see the EURL in your wallet

Now that you have EURL, you can already do a lot of things, thanks to our latest announcements. You can store your EURL on your Ledger to have a peaceful bear market, you can buy NFT on Rarible (like Mr.Tezos), or open a liquidity pair in the DEFI.

We continue to create new use cases for EURL, so stay tuned !‍