Lugh Integrates Mt Pelerin Exchange

Lugh is thrilled to announce that EURL is now available on Mt Pelerin, a Swiss company offering a non-custodial Tezos wallet and a crypto-fiat exchange service

2 min readSep 2, 2022

EURL will be offered to Mt Pelerin customers who will be able to buy, sell and send EURL to their own wallet. This new listing is a real game changer for the EURL : for the first time and after long weeks of waiting, it is now possible to withdraw EURL and use it !

It’s the first way for crypto-investors to launch EURL liquidity pairs in the DeFi ecosystem.

Let’s see how you can buy EURL and what you can do with it.

Go to

Choose the amount of EURL you wish to purchase and the purchase method (wire transfer or credit card). Then manually add the address of your wallet.

You need to send a small amount of XTZ to Mt Pelerin so they can send you the EURL. A few minutes later you will receive a confirmation by email from Mt Pelerin.

You can then buy EURL and receive them on the wallet mentioned earlier.

Temple wallet

Use cases

This new partnership opens several use cases for Lugh and EURL. After one year of existence, the EURL is finally available to all and freely exchangeable from wallet to wallet. The first use case is the DEFI. In the coming weeks Lugh should launch one or more pairs on Tezos DEX. From today you are free to deposit liquidity on spicyswap or Vortex. There is already a pair XTZ — EURL on spicyswap by the way. The presence of EURL on Tezos DEX is essential to develop accessibility to the first euro stablecoin, 100% fiat-backed.

The second use case is the purchase of tokenized assets including NFTs. We have already made an article on the purchase of NFT with a stablecoin and more particularly with the EURL. Lugh already sees a lot of traction in this area, so it is essential to develop access to EURL. We should announce some nice projects very soon, stay tuned !‍‍