Halloween Theme Parties You Can Host At City Hotels

In a city where we enjoy food, drinks, and anything that gives us an excuse to celebrate, we find all the convenience and comfort in a city hotel. Manila is filled with exciting events and parties, but we always go to the ones that best fit our vibe.

When it comes to planning Halloween parties, things can get pretty busy. The name can be easy but by the time it reaches the preparation, it can get a little tedious with all the decorations and food. Finding a good venue for the party wouldn’t be too hard if you find the right hotel. When it’s in a hotel, you can always retreat to their cozy and modern accommodation that comes with breakfast, free facility access, and other complimentary hotel amenities.

So have you thought of a theme yet for your costume party? Here are some ideas that are found in this year’s current trends.

Spy World — Whether you come as an agent from double O or a classic Kingsman, you can have a theme where you’re out saving the world in secret. Here is where you can party in style and get all classic.

Super Heroes — Be someone you admire or look up to and stick to a theme where everyone gets to dress as their role model. Go in groups or travel solo while representing a character from DC or Marvel. You can even come up with games where everyone gets to work in team. Super powers or not, no one survives their world on their own.

Netflix World — Everyone’s favorite TV show and movie channel come to life where you get to dress up from a character of Netflix original series. For decorations, create some witty and cute movie posters for wall display.

These are great themes to go for and you can have them in venues like Cherry Blossoms Hotel. Ermita district is where they are located in Manila but it’s faster to get more information from their website. View their Banquets page where you can send inquiries and reservations on their function rooms. You can even book an overnight stay there so that when the party is over, you have a place to retreat to that will resemble a lot like home. For guaranteed online rates, book directly at http://www.cherryblossomshotel.com.ph.